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Why People Buy Compression Stockings
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Why people buy compression stockings

Heavy legs, swollen ankles, varicose veins and spider veins in evidence? All problems can be alleviated with the help of graduate compression stockings.

In Western countries 1 in 2 adults suffer from venous insufficiency. Epidemiological studies show that varicose veins are 5 to 10 times more common in industrialized countries than in third world countries.

The causes may be different but generally the activities an average person does in our contemporary life play an essential role.

She might be forced to stand for a long time or sit still for several hours of the day, and the limitation of the muscle activity invariably causes an increase in blood pressure at the ankle, affecting the absorption of fluids from the intercellular spaces. This phenomena can occur even after long journeys by car or plane or by wearing clothes that are too constrictive.

Poor blood circulation is manifested by symptoms ranging from heavy legs and swollen ankles, from simple dilatation of the superficial veins and capillaries to the most severe forms of chronic venous disease.

Venous insufficiency is a chronic disease that evolves and is accentuated by risk factors such as heredity, excess of weight, pregnancy, hormone treatments, a sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore prevention is an essential tool to avoid venous disorders and, in cases that these symptoms have already occurred, to block the evolution of the disease and its degeneration.

But how do you prevent venous hypertension? It has been clear for several years now that the most effective means are graduated compression stockings which exert enough pressure to stimulate blood circulation. In short, they reduce fatigue, heaviness and swelling of the leg. They are called graduated compression stocking because they exert maximum pressure on the ankle that slowly decrease on the calves and knees to become milder on the thights, an action that is called "pump effect".

However, the gradation may change from one model to another, depending on the needs of the wearer: by those suffering from light problems of venous circulation to those who show obvious signs of varicose veins and therefore need a more effective therapy.

The compression stocking are expressed in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). The compression classes are those which the specialist will refer to define a preventive or therapeutic stockings.

It is true that if we think of graduated compression stockings our mind inevitably goes to those thick socks that our grandmothers use to wear to combat varicose veins. (by the way there are also compression stockings for men as well!). Times are changing, and with the new technology available there is no need to give up the elegance for the health of our legs.

Today, graduated compression stockings are synonymous with beautiful legs, elegant and seductive, yet healthy and fit!

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