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Calvin Johnson Breaks Jerry Rice Record - What's Next?
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Calvin Johnson Breaks Jerry Rice Record  -  What\'s Next?

Calvin Johnson did it. he broke Jerry Rice record, by receiving the 182 yards he needed to break The hall of fame's Jerry Rice's record he set back in 1995, Rice earned 1,848 yards that season. All in the same game he broke another record. This was for consecutive games with100 yards. The record holder before for him, was Michael Irvin,"The hall of farmer".

Calvin went 11 games doing a 100-yards.

When did Calvin Johnson start playing football

  • Calvin Johnson was born in Newnan, Georgia. Football wasn't his first love,the game of baseball had his heart first.Calvin stated "I've played baseball ever since I was five or six."Calvin attended Sandy Creek High School, this is where he stated playing football and became a 3 year starter. As a junior Calvin caught 40 passes and score 8 touchdowns.

Johnson attended Georgia tech collage where he earned all-american two times. In college he is the #1 ranked receiver in Georgia tech history.

Calvin Johnson drafted

Drafted by the Detroit lions in the second round draft pick in 2007.The lions impress by his skills they gave Johnson a $132 million extension of his contract with the lions. I see the money has really paid off, the man is braking records everywhere.

Why do they call Calvin Johnson megatron

Megatron is the leader of the decepticons in the movie transformers. Calvin built like a robot, he catches the ball like a machine, unstoppable and mean when it come to the game of football. It's the perfect nickname for a beast. The man been breaking records since college, and will continue to smash records, and dominate the receiving game.

Money in the bank

Johnson is now third largest lions player in history to get paid $132 million with 27.2 million guaranteed. This is over a 6 year deal. I wonder how he's team mates feel about that, it have to be a blow to the ego. The contract didn't go smooth at first, Johnson put the big boy pants on and held out for 8 days. Now that's called writing your own check.

Some professional football players barley $100,000. The better you are the more you get paid. It isn't easy being one of the greats. It takes a special king of person to make millions on top of millions. I use to think football players make a lot of money.

What is Johnson going to do when the contract is up, will he hold out again, and get $225,000,000. There is a possibility of Calvin Johnson might want a change, and pick another team to play for, it might just be the bears.

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