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Top 5 Fantasy Football Players For Week 6
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It seems like just about everyone these days plays in some type of fantasy football league.  Wether its with your friends, or with complete strangers in a public league, it is the thing to do.  So now that everybody is playing, it doesn't mean that they all know what they are doing.  Watching the NFL and knowing about football is great, but it doesn't really mean much in the fantasy realm.  Here's an example; Josh Freeman has the makings of a great real life quarterback.  He is loaded with poise, a huge arm, he is just mobile enough, and can stay calm under pressure.  Although only in his third year, he's already produced several come from behind victories.  However, in the make believe game Freeman is not somebody you really want to have on your team.  The way the team likes to move the ball is on the ground and short passing game.  Freeman has 300 yard passing games like republicans agree with Barack Obama.  So without further adeau, here are my top 5 players going into this week of games in the National Football League. 

1. Ben Roethlisberger QB-PITT

Big Ben sucked it up last week and played with a chunk of metal in his cleat. He hurt is foot the week before, but with Rashard Mendenhall nursing his tender hammy, Ben had to go out there for his team.  A career day followed as he passed for an efficient 5 TD passes on only 228 yards.  With Mendy's status no good again this week against a Jacksonville Jaguars squad that has been better than expected against runners, look for Ben to be the main attraction once again.  He should light it up through the air with his #1 target Mike Wallace.

2. Ryan Torain RB-WASH

Early reports from Redskins practice say that RB Tim Hightower was only a partial participant at practice on Wednesday.  While with Shanahan nothing is ever set in stone, but this looks like another week for Torain to lay claim to the guy to own in D.C.  The Eagles, formerly known as "The Dream Team" for about 3 weeks, is no stranger to giving up massive chunks of yards on the ground.  Their new defensive alignment that is the talk of the month, the "wide 9", and appearantly its allowing opposing rushers to waltz through the Philly line at their leisure.  The Torain Train should be geared up and ready to rumble this weekend.

3. Santonio Holmes WR-NYJ

This was not the start that Rex Ryan and company had in mind when they brought back almost the identical team that went to the AFC Championship game last season.  Losers in their last three, having a hard time getting the running game on track, the passing game has been non existant as well.  Last week Ryan advised everyone that "Ground & Pound" was coming back, and for a while there it did as Shonn Greene had his best day of the young season.  Holmes caught a TD pass in that game, but had only a few receptions for a miniscule 60 yards.  When you are supposed to be a #1 WR in the league, you expect more than that.  I expect that more to come this weekend against a beleagured Miami Dolphins team that a) lost its starting QB for the year, b) thought Reggie Bush would be the answer to their #1 RB troubles, 3) would not have been wrong if they fired the head coach Tony Sporano during the bye week.  It's going to be a feast for the Jets this week, saddle up pardner.

4. James Starks RB-GB

The Packers recently played against the Broncos in Denver.  They scored 49 points in what turned out to be a runaway victory.  James Starks compiled less than 20 touches on the day.  You would think with a large lead that the Pack would choose to eat some clock with the running game, right?  Fast forward to this weeks game against the St. Louis Rams, and you will see a similar game plan.  The only difference is that the Rams aren't quite as good as Denver against the run.  Even if he only gets the same amount of touches, he should be able to do more with them this time.  Ryan Grant came back from his bruised kidney last week and probably should have stayed out an extra game.  I expect the divide between the two to become quite vast by season's end.

5. Jacoby Ford WR-OAK

The lowest point total that the Raiders have produced this year is 20 points.  That was on opening night in Denver against the Broncos.  When the offense wasn't clicking and were up against a top defense last week in Houston, they still managed 25.  Jacoby Ford missed a couple of games with a hammy and is now worked his way back into the lineup.  He gets more touches each succesive week, and is primed for a big breakout game this week against the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns employ one of the better young man on man cover corners in the game with Joe Haden, but he will have his hands full with DHB and rookie speedster Denarius Moore.  Ford who now seems to be filling the slot role for this offense should have plenty of looks and opportunity this week and should cash in.

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