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Whats Trending Up In The National Football League
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I don't have the statistical data to prove this, but it seems like the injuries to major fantasy players seem to be quite a bit more than usual this season.  So that means that you have probably had to dig deep in the waiver bin trying to come up with the newest unpolished diamond.  This week that would seem to be Kansas City Chief's new backfield hopeful Jackie Battle, who had a nice game and out produced both Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones.   Let's get on with the trending shall we.

1. Steelers Passing Game- So far this year Ben Roethlisberger has spent most of his time running for his life.  Now with Rashard Mendenhall iffy with a hamstring that kept him out last week, it's even more reason for Bruce Arians to let Ben air it out.  The patchwork offensive line is getting a little bit healthier and Ben's left foot is feeling much better too.  Look for not only Wallace to be highly productive, but this means that Antonio Brown, Heath Miller, and even the old scallywag Hines Ward will be bye week fill ins at worst.

2. Oakland Raiders Offense- Last week Darren McFadden was leading the NFL in rushing.  The schedule shows Cleveland, Kansas City, and Denver with a bye mixed in all games at home.  This next month they should be a point scoring juggernaut.  Darrius Heyward-Bey has been getting a ton of targets and making the most of them.  He's been their best receiver over the last few weeks. With Denarius Moore on the other side and Jacoby Ford now settling in as the slot man, expect big point totals from the run game, and quality starts from the passing game for a while.

3. SF 49ers Defense- It's been said so many times before but it bears saying one more time, Patrick Willis is an absolute beast.  He is one of the most complete linebackers to come along in a great while.  Comparisons to Ray Lewis are legit.  Takeo Spikes is out, Navarro Bowman is in, and the youngster is producing.  Rookie Aldon Smith has done well when given the chance.  Safety Donte Whitner has solidified the secondary and the unit is a whole is one of the best in the league right now, especially when it comes to stopping the run.

4. The Coaching Hot Seat- There are always names that are bounced around in every major sport when it comes to managers and coaches.  The NFL is no different, and with several teams in the mythical "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes, here a some of the names that have been mentioned.  Tony Sporano, it's obvious.  Todd Haley, and Jack Del Rio are two more.  Wouldn't it make more sense to keep them in place, to ensure the losing record?

5. Fantasy Football Bye Week Headaches- The NFL bye weeks have started, and fantasy team owners are scrambling with teams on hiatus, plus all the injury woes we've seen.  If you are a savvy owner who doesn't mind taking advantage of the weakest in the herd, now is a prime opportunity to land a better player for bye week security.  If you have the depth, now is the time to bolster your starting roster.  For those of you with the bye week blues, remember it's better to play nobody for one week, than it is to trade your best player for a one week fill in. 

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