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Internet Marketing For Dummies: The Open Education Project
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Internet Marketing For Dummies: The Open Education Project

We are constantly being exposed to information about people, places and things in a general sense whether we are online or not. Yet wouldn't it be great to find a forum that takes the subject of Internet marketing and makes it easy to understand?

The key concept is to expose your message about product X plus to specific groups of people who are searching for or have used productX. (replace ProductX with your business or niche)

Understanding what not to do is just as important as knowing the best way to achieve your goal. Internet marketing is the umbrella term that is used to describe the many tasks required to operate an online business successfully.

You need an action plan designed to help you understand Internet marketing by working through various examples and tasks. A program that is very well-established and has thousands of members. Maybe one such as an Open Education Project that has a rock-solid foundation? The bottom line is seeing tangible proof that the Internet marketing principles they teach work and can produce great results.

Putting Your Open Education To Use

You can learn the concepts of Internet marketing, but applying what you learn is where the real knowledge is discovered. Because your activities are focused on people, all of the research that you can perform to understand your prospective customer is subject to change. This is why there is a never-ending conversation about what do people really want?

Using Internet marketing techniques can make operating a business online very exciting when hundreds of visitors come to your website every day. Getting visitors to your website is only part of the story. Internet marketing also affects how your website is built; the colors, graphics and content all play a role in generating online business success.

Although the discussion about managing customers is a serious topic, many people do not consider customer service as a part of Internet marketing. In the open education project, you can learn how to get customers and also how to keep them. A "happy customer" speaks as much about websites they visited as restaurants. Looking after your online visitors will compound your income many times over with repeat visits and referrals.

As we all learn differently, with a well thought out action plan that takes a common sense approach to choosing which Internet marketing strategy will work best for your business. There are thousands of techniques and methods that can be used to promote a service or product. However it’s not possible for a business to use them all, nor is it necessary.

Knowing others who have walked the path brings me to the Open Education Project a hands-on experience of working with these strategies in different markets, helping entrepreneurs just like you and me to gain the maximum benefit for our online business.

Taking advantage of the various training courses provided my other members along with the Wealthy Affiliate action plan can provide you with a serious toolkit for operating any type of online business. With the support of community members and the founders your progress should be a lot faster than learning about Internet marketing yourself through trial and error!

Working with like minded people, who "have been there"eliminates so much of the guesswork that frustrates many entrepreneurs and results in so much unnecessary financial loss. There are dozens of courses being offered that make promises of overnight success and unlimited profits, and that's the problem, it doesn't happen like that!

The Open Education Project has real people not all doing the same thing. Using the knowledge and tools available to craft a profitable business with your products and/or services that people need, along with the Internet marketing skills to deliver your message to them effectively.

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Good info Tony...WA has sure helped me..

  about 1 decade ago
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