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Top 5 Search Engine Marketing Forums
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As an active webmaster you can often find yourself looking for advice and help on the best SEO strategies and techniques to employ to increase traffic and revenue from your website. Aside from the many blogs and websites out there, forums are often the best place to find this information. I would therefore like to give my honest views and thoughts on the top 5 search engine marketing forums.

Digital Point - With over 57,000 active members, Digital Point is one of the largest search engine marketing forums around and also one of the most useful. Aside from a huge amount of information on SEO Digital Point has a number of boards focussed on Social Marketing, Directories, Link Development and PPC. With so many members there is never a shortage of advice available.

Webmaster World - Webmaster World is one of the oldest and most established search engine marketing forums there is and is an invaluable resource for new and experienced web masters alike. More heavily skewed towards the more technical side of web development there are still a wide range of resources available on SEO, traffic development and content generation.

Warrior Forum - Heavily focused on internet marketing and with over 314,000 members, Warrior Forum is a great place to discuss and discover SEO strategies. You can access most the forum for free and as with all forums registration is quick and simple, but there is a premium section called the War Room. I have been a member of the forum for a number of years and find it very useful. One of the unique features of the forum is the WSO's - Warrior Special Offers - where members often launch new products and services at specially discounted prices specifically for Warrior Forum members - as you would expect some of these offers are very good and others are not so great so you need to exercise caution when looking at these offers.

Blackhat World - Now let me be clear - I am not in anyway advocating any affiliate marketer employing black hat techniques as part of their promotional activities, but I include Black hat World because beside the boards dedicated to black hat techniques there is a wealth of excellent information available on white hat SEO and many of the other members have a wealth of experience in SEO and internet marketing and can therefore give you excellent advice.

Wealthy Affiliate University - This is one of the most active search engine marketing forums around, however it is important to know that the forum can only be accessed once you become a paid member of the training program. It is an excellent resource and is heavily focused on search engine marketing in addition to having boards dedicated to support for other tools and areas of Wealthy Affiliate.

The importance of search engine marketing forums cannot be underestimated and as an active affiliate marketer it is important that you actively participate in as many forums as time allows. Not only will they give you the chance to bounce ideas off other people, but you can pick up some fantastic tips from the other forum members. However a word of caution - don't spend all of your time in the search engine marketing forums otherwise you wont have time to build your affiliate marketing business.

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