Sony Vtc4 18650 - An Ideal Rechargeable Battery
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You are searching for 18650 batteries, the Sony VTC4 ideal for any application due to the top quality and drain features. Enjoy exceptional, continuous 30amp output without pulsing. You need to a sub-ohm or micro-coil unit, the Sony VTC4 best rechargeable battery to produce the best quality vape.

We have been pleased to stock the wonderful 2 Sony US18650VTC4 18650 VTC4 2100mAh 30A Rechargeable High Drain Batteries.

With the amount presently, it is advisable to create a name you can rely. The 2 main Sony US18650VTC4 18650 VTC4 2100mAh 30A Rechargeable High Drain Batteries is normally that will likely be a great buy.

Of this great price, the Sony US18650VTC4 18650 VTC4 2100mAh 30A Rechargeable High Drain Batteries comes highly recommended it is a regular choice with lots of people. TETC have added some fantastic touches that mean great value.

Manufacturer Details

for high drain applications the Sony VTC4 18650 stands out as the top-selling and most trusted battery of its kind. We source our batteries carefully guarantee our batteries are genuine Sony VTC4 batteries. This product includes the 2 main Sony batteries.

Key Features

Nominal Voltage: 3.7vBattery Model: 18650Capacity: 2100mAhPositive: Flat Top Fully charge batteries before first use

High discharge Sony VTC4 IMR cells is designed with a massive 30 Amp continuous discharge rate. This high current discharge rate allows the battery to suffer less from voltage sag when powering low resistance setups.

The Sony VTC series of batteries maintains the title belonging to the highest recommended batteries obtainable for use for your vaping world. Offering consistent and reliable high power dumps with minimal voltage drop and higher voltages during a greater timespan of your charge.

Those are the basic best 18650 sized batteries you will get!

Expense is per individual cell.

Guaranteed genuine Sony VTC4 ! Really do not carry any fake Sony cells, and we'll pay a visit to great lengths and expenses to make sure of our source is providing us with authentic Sony OEM cells, even though shiny things cost us an arm with a leg!

The hard to locate Sony VTC4 2100mah 30A cell. Hard hitting for demanding applications.

Dimensions: 65mm x 18mm

Capacity: 2100mah

Max Discharge Current: 30A

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V

Positive Pole: Flat Top

Chemistry; IMR

Sony VTC4 18650 Battery

the legendary VTC4 is now available here, this is the one started it all! Get yours here today. Sony VTC4 18650 high drains rechargeable Li-ion batteries. (3.7 volts). 2100mAH. fundamental essentials flat top style as shown. Max Discharge Current: 30A Nominal Voltage: 3.7v Capacity: 2100mAh The VTC4 18650 batteries have a lower internal resistance than your family 18650 battery cells, and definitely will deliver a higher voltage under load.

Battery Sony VTC4 18650 2100 mAh Li-ion high capacity battery, Flat Top for battery carrier.

Top-quality battery cell from Sonic

• 1 x 18650 battery

• 15C 30A

• 2100 mAh

• 3.7 V

• Unprotected

• Capable of high current

• Low self-discharge

• no memory effect

• 65 mm long and 18 mm across

Charge your Sony VTC4 only on 18650 chargers. Smart chargers are strongly recommended.

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