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5 Reasons Why Adding An Ex Girlfriend On Facebook Will Help You Get Her Back
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Most of the time, when a girl breaks up with a guy, the almost always want to be friends. And they tell him so. If this is you, don’t reject the offer just because you are mad at her for breaking up with you. In fact, if you still want to be with her and get back with her, this is actually an advantage on your part. So, instead of you deleting her and cutting her off, just say ok and add her as a Facebook friend when she request you to be one on Facebook.

Reason why you will want to be friends with your ex girlfriend on Facebook

It’s pretty obvious you will want to be friends with your ex on Facebook, because that’s probably the one place you will get more than enough information on her ware abouts, who she’s talking to, where she been, and what she’s talking about. And doing these things will not seem like you’re a stalker, because she can’t physically see you reading her posts or checking her pictures out.

If you delete her, you finding out all of these things will be eliminated and you will be more tempted to do things that will physically show her that you still want her back or are stalking her.

5 reasons to be friends with ex girlfriend on Facebook if you want her back

· It will help you get over her if you really want to get over her

(No body is perfect. When you read some of the dumb stuff she talks about or look at some pictures that reminds you of her bad habits, you will slowly remember the things you hated about her)

· It shows that you’re over her, even if you’re not

(There is nothing worse than a female knowing that you still love her and she dumped you. Being friends with her in her eye will show her that you’re over it and are willing to simply be real friends. No hard feelings. Besides, if you’re not her friend, you will steadily think about what she’s doing, if she ever thinks about you, and if she talks to other guys, and having all of these things in your mind will ultimately drive you nuts)

· It makes spying on her easier

(Like I said before, spying on her is so much easier on Facebook when you’re her friend. Doing so in real life will scare her and will cause her to hate you or call the police on you)

· I shows that you are a good guy and not childish

(Whenever a girl dumps a guy, there is nothing worse than calling out her name and going ham on her because you got dumped. This will cause her to never talk to you again and lose interest in you 100%. When you agree to be her friend, it shows how mature you are and not a little boy who is mad because he got dumped)

· To make her jealous

(Believe it or not, when you got dumped, that doesn’t mean she won’t get jealous if she saw you with another female. The reason why she will get jealous is because ya’ll breakup is still fresh and still thinks about you every now and then. The best way to make her jealous is for you to have normal, fun, and interesting conversations in your post with other girls. Doing so will remind her how fun and interesting you really are. Also, go and take pictures with good looking girls, not whores, but nice looking and sophisticated girls. This will crush her heart and make her realize what a good thing she lost)

Final thoughts on this subject

When a girl dumps you and still wants to be friends, be her friend. If you don’t, this will give you less opportunity to get back with her. Put yourself out there as the good guy, but play it cool. Your reaction plays a huge part in getting back with her, so make sure you do it right and don’t get caught up in your emotions by getting angry and making a scene.

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Yeah...don't take pictures with crack me up are right about playin the jealousy angle...don't over do it and don't get caught doin it..she's gonna want what she can't have.

  about 1 decade ago

I'm funny J? thanks...lmaoooo. All girls want what they can't have. Smh, we work in a very strange way, lol

  about 1 decade ago

I agree that being mature is very important in any relationship. And it is true that you will always be tempted to check on your ex especially if you just had a break-up. So doing it in facebook proves to be more discreet rather than trying to do it in the real world.

  about 1 decade ago

facebooks makes it so easy now days it's ridiculous. wish they had fb a long time ago when I was

  about 1 decade ago
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