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How To Cope When Your Best Friend Migrates To Another Country
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I had a best friend of 13 years who migrated to another country when she got married. Then, I was still young and had trouble thinking that I would not be able to see her or communicate with her whenever I wanted to. Even though internet already existed, finding a suitable time to talk was difficult because of the time difference and change of priorities. Losing a best friend was one of the hardest thing I had to go through and I had to figure out ways on how to cope with the lost.

1. Spending time with family and friends

Because you will feel a sort of loneliness with the lost of someone you love, you need to surround yourself with other people whom you care for and care for you. Talking to them may help you feel less alone in your situation because bottling up your feelings is not good for your emotional well being. Your family and other friends are a good source of strength and support to help you come to terms with losing your best friend.

2. Snail mail is alive

Even though you can't talk through the telephone or on the internet, you can still write snail mail to your best friend. This helps you to reduce the expensive overseas calls and overcome the time difference. Writing a letter is personal and in many ways much more preferable than an e-mail because it shows you care and are taking the effort to sit down, organize your thoughts, then write. The recipient of a snail mail is always excited to read its contents and you can always enclose a small gift with it.

3. Filling your time with hobbies

Normally best friends would spend a lot of time together when it's possible. Now that your best friend is far away, you may be at a lost of what to do and how to spend your time. You can still do the things you would normally do with your best friend by doing it with someone else, maybe with a sibling or another friend. You could fill your time with working on your hobbies like perhaps if you like photography, go shoot some awesome pictures to share with your best friend.

4. Arrange a special date when you get back together

On the special occasions when your best friend finally returns to your country or you go and visit him or her, make sure both of you arrange a special activity to do together. This is a good way to catch up on what both of you have done and what's going on in your lives. He or she will appreciate that time spent with you just as much as you will.

It is difficult when you lose someone you love to uncontrolled circumstances. I hope the methods above give you some ideas on how to cope when your best friend migrates to another country. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time to adapt to the situation especially if you have been friends for a long time. You will eventually be used to not having your best friend around and remember to spend quality time with your other friends too so they don't feel neglected.

If you have a best friend who moved, how did you cope? Share your ideas with us.

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