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Loving A Little Girl Unconditionally
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In my life's work where I've held many jobs, I meant this little girl. We became good friends. Her visits to me became frequent. I would keep her company and try to be available for her when ever she needed me.

Several years have passed and now she has come back into my life. We have fun on the internet. We video cam, play Uno, chat, joke, and talk about things that may interest her. One of the changes I noticed in her was her compassion, love, and respect to older people.

I had an opportunity to take her to her last religious class. When I brought her back home, she gave me a hug. To myself all I could say was Wow!! I could feel peace, love, and happiness that radiated from her heart. I thought this being different, so started to research why I'm feeling this from her. My findings are interesting.

Self-love allows the feelings to generate within us. When that happens, we can share it to everyone and everything that is in our environment. My love for this little girl is not the type of love that I would use to earn favors, rather its a love that recognizes her beauty in life, her every moment, and her sharing and giving love to others. Love is powerful. Especially when it is given back to you.

This is the type of love my wife and I had together. This is how our love got to be that Fairy Tale Love. It is a Love that was almost perfect between us. There was nothing we could not accompolish together. When apart, we missed each other very much. When together, the world became a place where we could radiate our love out to others. This is what my wife taught me. To be aware of one's heart and how to feel what is in there.

Learning about unconditional love is an experience. You don't have to be married to figure this out. You need examples that you can follow, learn what is in the Bible and read how Jesus loves His people. Open your heart, let Jesus tell you how you can handle the situation you are facing, and most of all, trust in Him.

As you grow in this type of love, you will find that no matter what happens, you will always lift the situation to Jesus. Your mind will be clear and your heart will actually give you the proper feelings of what is to be done and how you should re-act to the situation.

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