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Money's Effect On The Ones You Love
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Money\'s Effect on the Ones You Love

It has been said that many people want to make money (it's what it is needed to make the world go round). There's many ways to get it, but since the economy drop people are fighting for little dead-end jobs. Personally, I will not complain.. they give you a paycheck weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. I recently lost my job at fast-food, so at this current point and time I'm hurting for money.

I sat down one night and thought of many ideas that I could most likely monetize off of. It happens when you are broke, but one thing that caught my attention was, "Man.. what would happen to the people around me if I were to obtain this money?" That is probably a common question that often goes overlooked. Many people assume "Well, things will be just fine when I get this money. My friends and family are down for whatever". But that's where their wrong.. because when money comes around, people change.

One way it starts when they are acting a bit more happy around you. Now please do not get me wrong, this can be really harmless, due to the fact that you now are starting to make a name for yourself. You feel overjoyed, so naturally you are going to treat them out to places and do more things now that you have more capital. That's fine, because in your mind that is part of the plans.

Now lets say you are making more money now, you stuck with it and you expanded your business on however you are making your money. This enters stage 2, where word is traveling around about your successes. It can potentially be a good and bad thing. It can be a good thing because more opportunities.. and with more opportunities come more money. Pretty much money is coming to you, you're no longer chasing it.

However, the bad thing about this is now your attracting these "cousins" you haven't heard or seen all your life, but now all of a sudden make themselves known to you. Some of your friends and family demand more from you, and their favorite saying is "Well you have the money, it should be but a drop in the bucket for you."

Which moves onto stage 3. You still are pushing through and you are now and established person through all the trials. You are either comfortable or rich, whatever suits you. Sadly, you quickly learn that money didn't bring about the happiness and salvation you were hoping for. Family members suddenly become distant from you because they claim that you "changed when you got this money". The significant other (if there was any around you at that point), doesn't seem to be around now that you made it to "the top".

What does that leave you with? Money that can't mend a wounded soul, broken relationships with friends, family, loved ones, etc. Instead your treated with a fake crowd that is only around as long as that money exist. You start to think back about the good times before you had this money, before the very thing everyone in this world works hard to get changes the people around you. This horror story doesn't happen to everyone, but to some who don't openly discuss this to the public, have an idea of what I'm talking about.

My opinion on Money changing people.

It can be both a positive feeling and a negative feeling. I know in this article I've painted a very dark picture in words of what money can potentially bring, but please bare in mind it is only an opinion that I have. I think if you can maintain yourself from start to end, then any of which I mentioned above shouldn't be a problem. Basically, never forget where you came from and the lessons you learned before money became an issue. Why? Because it was those lessons and your hometown that gave you the foundation and motivation to obtain bigger and better things.

Street Talk

Dude I'm going to express my opinion openly about your article.. ITS BORING.. I understand the just of your message or maybe it was just pure thought. my suggestion is to get a bit more "GRIMMIER" for lack of better words. You say its a dark opinion but I dont think its dark enough..Well I hope you can take from this and when my articles get approved you can come criticize me on my work.. Best of Luck my fellow writer!

  about 1 decade ago

Lol that's fine. I welcome the opinions of others wherever they be negative or positive. I wrote this a month ago and while yes, it was a thought I decided to write about, Still i value your opinion :) I will take note of that in my future writings across the board. Thank you kindly ;D

  about 1 decade ago

Great insight! Been there, done that and know that you are right. When I was early 20s it happened to me. I decided money was not worth it and avoided it for a long time. Found out everything changes, with or without the money in the picture. So my perspective has changed. Looking forward to reading more of your articles!

  about 1 decade ago

Why Thank you kindly ;D Yea.. it was a thought that has plagued my mind for quite some time.. I just wanted to be able to share my opinon of my thoughts to everyone. Trust me when I say this was not by any means an easy feat.. but I'm glad someone has taken notice. Again thank you kindly ^_^

  about 1 decade ago
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