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This will be short. We all get up in the morning. We all do our thing to start the day. We all go our, get in our cars, walk, catch the bus, to go to where ever we go at the start of our day. Guess things never change. But, do they "never change"? Today, is there anything different that may, or may not have moved you, in any way. Did you see the little boy, on the bus, and what he was doing? Were you glad to see your friend there to, at the mall? Did you want people to come over to sit with you, or not? Was the start of your day not good, cause someone you didn't want, came over and talked, and talked, and talked, about nothing at all?Did you feel like taking, or would you have had a better day if no one talked to you that morning?What was your main goal this morning, and did someone alter it(your mood changed because of this persons bad attitude on something you didn't want to hear about). Could you have avoided this confrontation, or, stop the train of though this person was on, and still maintained your mental composer to keep yourself on track with your day's agenda?

So many thing, you may have been confronted with, yet, you had little,or no control over, that can change the way you thing, act, and see things, yet,do you still go on with your day, daunted, or not?

How was your morning today? Did you get a good start? or, would you like to try to start again?

This is as far as I will go for today. A topic, to me, that is always on my mind is, (Do people really talk any more? Do we communicate? Should we communicate? When should we communicate? Are we all strangers walking in , or on, our own path, not wanting to be bothered by anyone, for the moment, or for all times?

Any answers? Think about it, when you the next person you see is there, in from of you, or, not really there but in his or hers own world.

That's it for today

Have a great one


PS: My spelling may be a little on the rough sit, s I don't write much these day.I see that there is a min, of 400 words, and I don't have enough. Is that going to be a hold back on this article? Well if so ,... here, I'll just throw in a few more words to make up for it. Guess I need some real-time to get my stuff together, is all. Oh ,.. I don't know ,... is this enough words or not. I hate "word counts". I also hate spelling mistakes(I make a lot). I do go over it later , but, when I'm on fire, and I got something to say, spelling errors don't mean nothing to me OK!!!

Have a good one


Street Talk

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