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Last Saturday's chill session and the previous Friday's movie trip was really worth it's time spent. I was really appreciative of the fact that Kenneth shared a lot of things with me. It is intricacies such as these that made me feel whole again. The matured conversations we had, covered most aspects of our lives together as college classmates, not forgetting the memories of our amateur production days that were deeply etched in our hearts.

As we grow wiser, we begin to define our Lifes' purposes and aspirations. We morph into new individuals, a strategic change as a result of experiences, setbacks and progresses.

Change, I reckon, is a good thing. Only if it is meant to improve the quality of life. But we cannot deny the fact that during such a metamorphosis, we might have, or could have lost a few golden opportunities or great friendships/relationships, or even be discouraged by certain events happening along the way that impaired our judgement of situations.

as a result, we make bad choices.

I'm neither perfect nor seek to achieve what we call 'perfection'. But the word that can describe my Life right now is 'contentment'.

Man will never have enough of what he has.

I would rather be grateful with the Life I have. Rather than being at the top looking down and unable to grab hold of the beauty of innocence he once had.

Thank you, Kenneth, for reminding.

To err is human but we still do need gentle reminders now and then. It is REAL friends such as these who paint the beauty of Life. He is one of the very few I have left whom I owed my time to. Such friendships can never be replaced.

Friends come and go as they pleases. But only a handful will make a friendship worth remembering and sacrificing.

Reality is a beauty, not a curse like some people thought. It is just a positive way of looking at things.

Alas, I do feel disheartened by some, who talk the talk but not implement what they preach.

Friends do not bluntly point out the wrongdoings of an individual. They correct politely and to a certain extent, provide constructive feedbacks/suggestions. I've had my fair share of being blatantly accused of. Egoism is one way of explaining this, but then again, the intention is what matters the most.

Friends pray for their loved ones. The hurt I felt after knowing that all my efforts in helping had gone to waste, is really  what spurred me to make my decision.

I do not need a thousand minds to witness my explanation on things. Those few who understood my intentions are what matters.

It is sad, but I'm letting a friend go. Not for my own good, but for his.

As for Ken, I'm looking forward to our next chill session this weekend, where we will be embarking on a mission to help another 'lost' friend.

But that would be another story for another article, altogether.

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