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How To Find R And D Grants
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Finding NZ R&D grant money is a tough activity. There are only a few government funded grants available in the country and private individuals tend to demand a share of the business rather than to make grants so the competition is high. To have the best chance, you can work with expert guidance to assist with the application process and to target the best ways to use the funds.

Which industries are eligible for R&D grants? When requesting for R and D grants, the applicants need to be operate in high-tech sectors and have wide involvement in innovation with a strong view to economic growth. Research for the interesting topics will not be awarded government grants.

Research or development refers to new product or service ideas, enhancing existing products, new manufacturing methods that make products more attractive abroad and a range of additional fields of scientific research projects.

TechNZ - processing R&D funding Tech NZ is the investment arm of The Foundation for Research Science and Technology, an off-shoot of the NZ government that aids and guides Kiwi firms which are looking for R&D funds. The applications vary between $30k and $100,000.

The main grant is known as the Technology Development Grant and can be awarded to companies that can demonstrate a commitment over time to investment in research and development. That means over 3 years an average of 5% of sales in R&D of turnover. There has to be a minimum of $3m sales pa.

The project should also be able to add to the economic development of the country.

The Ministry of Research Science and Technology Funding The Ministry also has funding available with a focus on science research and innovative projects.

The funds can be applied for specific industries which include:

  • Biological
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Advanced manufacturing

Consideration is made for some other sectors also.

Seeking assistance to overcome the difficult requirements for finance With only a small amount of government funding available for science, business process and product research and development, the constraints for a successful submission are onerous. To have more odds of winning R&D financing, it can be sensible to work with a grant application consultant.

A consultant can advise if the project meets within prescribed categories. Discovering that you are cannot apply, this on its own will save you weeks of unrealistic expectations in an inappropriate application. Better to realise sooner than waste time and money on an application that will not pass.

An R&D grant adviser can also assist construction and phrase the grant application forms in a way that increases the chances of being taken to the next stage. Often, the right phrasing is a significant factor in an R and D grant award.

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