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Swedish Crowdfunding Site Fundedbyme Reaches 1 Million SEK
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Swedish Crowdfunding Site Fundedbyme Reaches 1 Million SEK

Many crowdfunding websites claim that there's a long history of strangers joining forces and building a force by adding money together to fund projects and ideas, crowdfunding online has beaten pessimistic predictions that it would be unsuccessful especially on the Swedish and European markets where there is a comparison with American giving – culture. This is mainly because the non-believers think that the american method of tipping and fundraising would not work in European or Scandinavian markets. But forgetting that crowdfunding is in our genes where we have built cities, companies and projects by engaging the crowd, lowering the thresholds and inviting friends and strangers to be part of a ideas funding and creation.

Funded By Me reaches it’s first crowdfunded million SEK in the Scandinavian market by opening for users use the pre-order and future thanks of crowdfunding and engage their audience and open up the possibilities to be part of a projects creation and funding.

Funded By Me is not local, closed, niched or limited to any area; international users are encouraged to raise and fund through the service. Funded By Me has moved to the center of the Swedish and Norwegian speaking crowdfunding market by being the largest hub where musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs can engage the crowd and raise funds and commitment.

To get a project featured on Funded By Me, one must first submit it to the Funded By Me team to ensure a level of quality. If it's accepted, anyone in the world can back it by credit card or PayPal, in the premise that they will receive something in return if the project hits its minimum target.

The good news is that social networks open up a direct link to backers, buyers, fans, an audience and the world.

The method is quite simple: submit your project and present yourself and your idea. The team will evaluate and if needed give feedback then it's up to you to reach out and tell the world. Together one’s idea might reach thousands and they will join you in your effort to take an idea to the market.

It’s a fact that crowdfunding works, it has worked for hundreds of years, the difference and benefit now is that Friends and Family, the ones that tend to be the first to back are bot longer your mom, dad or sister but they are based on interest and globally. A hamburgar fanatic reacheas other hamburger fanatics, a music creator reaches music loversand now it's time to make it work for you!

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