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The Waiting Technique For Designer Furniture Enthusiasts
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When it comes to interior designing and buying furniture, I love the contemporary modern designs found in small showrooms across London. My partner and I were lucky to be able to buy a flat a while ago. As we both had lived in poorly-furnished flats for years and did not own more than a shelf between us, we decided that we would not let anything through our door that we did not absolutely adore.

When friends first came over to see our new flat they were surprised to find our inflated mattress-sofa and cardboard-box coffee table topped with wood from the new flooring. We explained to them what we started calling our “waiting technique” which was based on the simple rule: If you do not love it - do not buy it! This has grown to be a popular technique amongst my friends and has even carried into different aspects of our lives.

Using the waiting technique has a number of key benefits. One is that the sheer frustration with having such an unsightly piece of furniture that doesn’t work properly in your room, fuels the urge to replace it with something better. You never just get used to it. Secondly the longer you wait to find that perfect item the higher your expectations are and the more research you do. You end up getting something really good! Thirdly that heightened sense of achievement when after waiting for something for so long and never giving in to getting anything less than the best, you finally get it - it’s priceless!

It is amazing how hard it is to find a sleek, contemporary bed in London! We don’t have a whole lot of space in our bedroom and finding something beautiful and affordable was not easy! I did however meet the owner of a company here in London called Neatsmith and finally found the one we were looking for! Of course it will still take another month for us to get our bed but good things come to those who wait...

Using this technique, each item in our home has been (very carefully) selected. Many, many weekends have been spent online and visiting showrooms across London. Waiting for months for the furniture to arrive from different parts of the world was probably hardest of all. However, we have had so much fun along the way and are sure that no matter where we end up in the long run. Our furniture is always coming with us! My next purchase will be a gorgeous hanging egg chair for lounging in over the summer in the garden and I think I may have just found the one one...

I hope my “waiting technique” will help you hold out for finding just what you want.

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