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How Data Mining Will Personalize Your Learning Abilities
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How Data Mining Will Personalize Your Learning Abilities

Today's advancements in database technology have many creative aspects that are far more reaching than just storing and managing data. Data mining is one these benefits that use statistics for the combination of calculations from several categories designed to find many solutions to present day situations like education, advertising, and E-Commerce. Data mining will personalize your learning abilities; along with determining your academic strengths which provides a clear picture on what avenues of approach to use in making important decisions.

From Beginning to End

Students are given assessment tests early on in grade school as a way to determine if they have learning disabilities, which has not been accurate as possible because the young students who answer the questions for a subject may not have interest in the area being tested. The results show the student having a learning disability; when the truth is he or she may have just been bored or not interested in the subject being tested. Now as database technology expands to multimedia formats with SQL and data mining algorithms being formatted for finding a more personalized outcome; is catching up with the academic world for the testing structures to be redesigned to incorporate audio and visual proponents that assist in assessments early on in students' lives.

The multimedia aspect will also help possible college students. The database technology can be a part of a student's life from beginning to the final decisions they have to make when selecting what form of continuing education they will pursue. I say "possible" college students because some may not attempt higher education because of the many routes that take far shorter amounts of time when compared to the traditional 4 years, then 4 more years for graduate degrees. Many will choose the certification route in the IT field anyway, and MCSE certification costs around $7,000 and completed in less than three months. This along with a few other certifications and you can be earning $100k within a couple years of graduating high school. Experience is still a must, so that's why I say a "couple years."

We need doctors and scientists though. So, what database management can do with data mining is personalize the potential graduate degree student's choices, but more importantly, the academic world can redesign their curriculum formats to include personalized training for the various levels of technological abilities. It's the same principle as the special education classes for gifted students in high school. With this data mining technique - ALL students will have a special education curriculum.

It's special education designed from data mining assessments administered over a period of the student's academic lifetime so that when the student looks to college, the opportunities are tailored to his or her interests and strengths. Suggestions for which types of schools; even the geographical locations can be personalized.

As we continue in the new millennium with technology doubling its advancements every two years, it is safe to say professional development will make serious changes in both the academic and business world. We strive to do the best everyday, and with some guidance from articles like these, we can look to the available paths to take with use of real technology that's changing the face of how we succeed in today's economy.

Have you had a child diagnosed with a learning disability from a simple test that was administered? Feel free to leave a comment or discuss if it was accurate or not!:)

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