The Candy Crush Saga Game is Very Hard After
Whenever this to start with started per year ex -, it absolutely was consequently widespread it absolutely was certainly…
Crafting In Minecraft
In every Minecraft game, crafting practice would be seen as one of the most incredible methods in which several materials…
Bypass Regional Restrictions for Online Gaming
Every year more and more games "go online". The idea of playing with the best of the best to hone your skills, whether…
Preventing the Yellow Light Of Death for Your
The purpose of this article is to help people from preventing the yellow light of death from happening to their Playstation…
TOP 5 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time
Today we are witnessing countless online video games, then different and latest versions of the Play Station, Xbox…
Enhancement Shaman Leveling Guide for Cataclysm
Without a doubt, Enhancement is the best leveling spec to choose when leveling your shaman. However, there'™s more…
Gaming Articles (2065)
Diablo 3 Always Online Requirement
Now that Diablo 3 has been delayed until sometime in early 2012, people have refocused their attention on perceived problems with the game. In this era of widespread broadband connections, Blizzard has opted for the “always online” form of piracy prevention. Basically, if you want to play Diablo 3, you…
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Guide for Starcraft 2
When you’re looking for a good guide for Starcraft 2, there’s a few things you need to consider. Are you looking for a guide to complete the single player campaign of Starcraft 2 or are you looking for the strategies and tactics the pros use to dominate the ladder in…
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Starcraft 2 Strategies: Micro
StarCraft 2 gameplay can be divided roughly between two major sections, Macro and Micro. Macro involves the building of your base and resource gathering, while Micro breaks down into micromanagement of units in battle. If you are good at Macro but bad at Micro, you probably still win a fair…
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A Death Knight Guide to WoW Gold Farming
The Death Knight is by far one of the funnest, most versatile classes in terms of game play. On that note, there are many things that the Death Knight is good at. One aspect you won’t see in any Death Knight Guide though is how to gear properly for WoW…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Online Gaming   Jul 27, 2011  
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How to Backup Games - Which Game Copy Software To Use?
Nowaday games are coming with a high price tag and disks are prone to damage, so everyone should be able and know how to backup games. I'll try to make it more clear on which game copy software to use and how to choose one. When you decide to make…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Console Games   Sep 06, 2011  
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Wow Leveling addon
Are you having a hard time leveling up in world of warcraft and could use a wow leveling addon to speed up your leveling process a bit? The first character you level up is always the most fun, And after that every single character that you are going to level…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Online Gaming   Apr 11, 2011  
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Fixing Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Mistakes
Blizzard designed StarCraft 2 multiplayer from the ground up to revolve around the esports scene. That’s right, many people actually make a decent amount of money competing in various tournaments for the game. Because the multiplayer can be an incredibly competitive environment, new players often find themselves in over their…
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Diablo 3 No Pausing
Current beta testers and potential Diablo 3 players have a bone to pick with Blizzard. First came the announcement that you would only be able to play Diablo 3 online. Now, beta testers have discovered that there is no current way to pause the game. To Pause or Not To…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Online Gaming   Sep 29, 2011  
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Starcraft 2 Macro Tips
When do you know you have enough workers in StarCraft 2? Have a number in mind? Trick question! You can never have enough workers in StarCraft 2. Your worker units (the Drone, the SCV, and the Probe) form the backbone of any player’s strategy and build order. The Importance of…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Online Gaming   Sep 22, 2011  
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Flight Simulator
Have you ever played games, especially flight simulator? Or have you ever played online flight simulator? If yes, how do you like it? Basically, flight simulator is an artificial simulation (not real) of aircraft piloting. Unlike shoot 'em up games and flight arcade action games that uses an aircraft, fictional…
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Getting World Of Warcraft Gold
The primary currency of World of Warcraft is gold. Not real gold of course (that would be a touch expensive, don’t you think?) but a digital gold. You need it at the auction house, or to help you grind rep, or to buy your supplies from a vendor. If you…
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Online Games for Free-top Free Online Games
I have only recentley ditched my Xbox 360 for a PC. I thought at first I would regret that decision, but it turns out that it was the best gaming decision I've ever made. I never realized there were so many great free to play games with such great quality out…
By:  in  Gaming  >  Computer Games   Sep 20, 2011  
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Tera Online Release Date
The bad news for TERA Online fans is that there is no definite release date for the game.  However, just because there is no definitive news regarding a release date doesn’t mean that there isn’t any good news. In fact, there are several things you can be happy about. No…
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Asura’s Wrath Review
I attended the 2011 San Diego Comic Con and was able to play a demo of the upcoming game Asura’s Wrath. It is a game being developed by Capcom. This game seemed pretty similar to God of War as far as the battles go. You start the game as Asura,…
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Diablo 3 Rmah And Paypal: Lord Of Destr- Err, Money
Recently Blizzard announced that players will be able to make purchases on Diablo 3’s Real Money Auction House (or RMAH for short) using their PayPal balance. So, while you’re out there selling things on eBay and maybe doing a little freelancing work on the side for your PayPal bucks, you…
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All the time I've been play WOW Gold, I accept had accidental humans alpha a chat with me allurement…
What is Lottery? A tool for raising cash, by trading varied sets of numbers, and distributing rewards…
When you alpha out on a new server with WOW Gold there are a few decisions to make. A lot of notable…
Are you ready to begin your vertical jumping adventure games through the robot world? Jump for joy…
Lottery is a game of luck and chance. If you got your prediction right, you win. If not you lose.…
While many lovers of extreme sports consider summer to be the best possible season for performing…

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