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Ps3 Red Light Fix - What You Need To Know
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Ps3 Red Light Fix  -  What You Need to Know

There is a good chance you have come across the Ps3 red light issue if you are a Ps3 owner like myself. Also known as the PS3 red light of death, The error is a well-known issue within the Playstation community and can cause a headache of problems. There are a few different reasons this Ps3 problem can occur but the most common reasons seem to be hard drive failure, power supply problem, or the console overheats and the low quality heat sync and thermal paste breaking down on the processor.

When faced with the Ps3 red light error you will need to complete some basic troubleshooting to see if you can repair it. If the basic troubleshooting steps don't fix the problem then you have two alternatives if your Ps3 is no longer covered under warranty. The first alternative is to send your Ps3 to Sony for troubleshooting and repair. The second alternative is to troubleshoot and repair the problem yourself.

I had the Ps3 red light of death a few months ago and decided to contact Sony since my Ps3 was no longer under warranty. The Sony technical support said that because my console was no longer under warranty that it was going to cost $150 + plus there would be a 4-6 turn around time to get back my Ps3 in functional condition. They also said that the fix was not guaranteed and that I might have the same problem in the future. This solution did not seem logical to me. There was no way I wanted to pay $150 + and have 6 weeks of down time.

Since I was not going to send my Ps3 to Sony I was left with one option. Buy a new console, troubleshoot and repair the Ps3 red light issue myself. I decided to try to do the repair myself since I could not afford a new console. Although it seemed like an overwhelming task, it actually was very easy and had my Ps3 up and running in about an hour. The first thing I did was some basic troubleshooting and looked for a repair guide to fix the Ps3 red light issue. I did searching and found a Ps3 repair guide that walked me through step-by-step in troubleshooting and repairing the Ps3 red light easily and nowhere near the cost of sending to Sony. Another benefit to this is that I learned how to fix my Ps3 and will be able to repair any problems I might encounter in the future. Which in the long run will save me a ton of time and money.

When faced with a Ps3 red light error or Ps3 problem, don't worry.You don't need to send your Ps3 to Sony or buy a new console. You can easily fix it yourself and save your self time and money. Just use a Ps3 repair guide that will help you with troubleshooting and repair and you can repair it yourself.

I hope this article will help you in making the right choice when you need to repair the Ps3 red light error and all your Ps3 issues you may have in the future and save downtime.

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That is awesome I will keep this in mind. My fat PS3 is running great but you never know when disaster can strike!

  about 1 decade ago
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