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Why 2d Video Games?
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2D video games are fun, simple and engaging for the video game connoisseur.  With the advent of 3D video games and perpetually evolving digital technology in the forefront of global entertainment, it can be said that the 2D dimension may begin to feel left out, become obsolete and/or have no place in today's world. 

Not only do I disagree with that last statement, it is my firmest belief that 2D videos game will never ever go out of style or pass away.  I mean, just look at the latest smartphones and tablets.  There are so many 2D game apps just waiting to be played!

Now having said that, today I want to share with you why I enjoy 2D video games in general and give you my take on why 2D video games can be just as fun as (or even MORE fun) than 3D video games.


Simple User Interface (UI)

First, why even bother with 2D video games?  Newer is better, right?  Well, not always.  One reason why I like 2D video games is because of the concept of simplicity.  For example, let's talk about the Mario video games.  The premise was simple.  Go from the beginning of the Stage and "adventure" your way to the end of the Stage.  Repeat until you save the Princess.  Simple and easy.  You were given just enough information on the screen (number of coins, current score, number of lives, the game clock and the current stage) to complete the game and nothing more.

Too much information on the screen can actually deter you from your overall gaming experience and is unnecessary.  The 2D video games that I have played have very simple and unobstructive UIs and enrich the gaming experience tenfold for me.  No annoying gauges blocking my view!   


Smaller, More Efficient Games

What do I mean by smaller?  Well, it goes without saying that 2D video games are much smaller (in size) than your standard 3D game.  Without worrying about high-memory operations such as HD video cutscenes or high-end graphics, the game has less work to do every cycle and tends to run much faster and more efficient than if the game handled that overhead on a regular basis.  Personally, I hate load times and waiting for the next scene to be rendered, I want it now!  And with smaller 2D games, you virtually never have to wait and can play your game seamlessly, which I love.  Not to mention, when you "save" your game (if the 2D game has a save feature), the save is finished literally the millisecond you initiate the "Save" command!  How cool is that?! 


Nostalgic Euphoria and Sentimental Satisfaction

This factor truly depends on what "era" you were born in and is just my personal opinion on the matter.  I'm in my mid-20's and was born in the early 1990s so I grew up playing video games in the 2D dimension such as Super Mario, classic Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter, among other games. 

If you were born around that time and are like me, then these 2D games took you a place where you felt peaceful and euphoric and gave the impression that time seemed to fly by faster during your turn, in gaming pleasure.  It is hard for me to feel that way when I play the games of this generation because I do not have that sentimental connection with today's video games.  I did not "grow up" playing the games of this new generation.

Again, it truly depends on the era you were born in.  This is not to say that you cannot fall in love with newer 3D games, quite the opposite actually.  However, I feel strongly that this factor alone is basically the ultimate purpose that you play video games to begin with, nonetheless.  You want to have that nostalgic and satisfying experience every turn.  When you have that connection, you automatically "have more fun" with your games.



Here is another factor that is basically my take on video games and originality.  Naturally, a 2D version of a particular game came BEFORE a 3D version.  Therefore, you can infer from the previous statement that a 2D game is the "predecessor" of any newer 3D games that come out in the same style.

When you play a 2D game with a particular theme, idea, style, premise or story, you are playing the "pioneer" of that genre.  It goes without saying that the VERY FIRST games to implement their unique features are the "most original" of their kind, simply because they "did it first".

Ergo, when you are playing 2D video games (in general), you are playing the most "original and creative" predecessor and your experience will be UNIQUE and free from imitators or borrowed styles.

To drive this point home, here is an example.  We'll use the Mario series once again.  Simply stated, the Mario series is the first platformer (to my knowledge) game style of its kind and therefore is the most "original" since it came before anything else.  Of course, there are many platformer games that followed and will continue to follow. 

However, there will never be another "Mario" since it is the first of its particular genre and is the most "original".

Makes sense?  I don't know about you, but I find it fascinating to sit down and play a game that is the "predecessor" of everything to follow.  It is kind of cool and leaves something to say about playing a 2D game that started a generation.


Final Thoughts

Now you have a vivid understanding of why I personally enjoy 2D video games.  It is all about the simple, non-cluttery interface, the small and efficient sizes that these games usually are composed of, the sense of nostalgia and euphoria for playing a 2D game you grew up with, and the originality of being the predecessor for all video games to come. 

If you are like me and you take into account  the above factors, then 2D video games can be more fun and bring more satisfaction than 3D video games.

It's no wonder why I love 2D video games!  I get excited just thinking about it!

I hope that this article has provided you with a clear understanding of where I am coming from when I say that I love 2D video games.  You may identify with the experiences I have outlined here, or you might not.  That is completely fine!  Everybody is different and diverse and that is completely fine in my book.

Thank you very much for reading my article!  It was my pleasure bringing this to you!  Stay tuned for the next one!


"Double the size, double the fun!"



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