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All About The Bonsai Cascade Pot
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The Bonsai Cascading style is a great type of impressionist Bonsai art. However, mastering this style can be a bit of a challenge for the person who doesn't know just quite where to start. Here's some information on an essential part of creating this style: the Bonsai cascade pot.

I'm sure you already know the importance of Bonsai pots in the creation of Bonsai trees. They control the roots, which will change the appearance of the tree that's growing in it. I've mainly talked about upright Bonsai trees before and they usually use great big wide pots. The cascade though requires something a little different.

This tree grows up, then takes a u-turn and heads back down the side so it finishes below the bottom of the pot. This of course means that the cascading Bonsai tree requires a stand on which to sit on.

The pot that this tree needs is a pot that is not too wide, and deep (but not too deep). The pot needs to be deeper as this tree will be shifting the center of gravity quite a bit, and it needs the dirt to hang on to when it goes over the side.

If the pot it too wide, you won't get the same 'substance' that you want with this tree, and it's the same if it's too deep. You'll get the feeling for the pot size by looking for Bonsai pictures in books and on the internet.

As usual in Bonsai pot selection, make sure that it has drainage holes at the bottom for excess water, that it is aesthetically complementing to the tree type and style (remember that Bonsai is Oriental in origin and so this is the style of pot that which you go for).

Overall, the Bonsai Cascade pot will make a very big difference to the style of tree that you will be creating in it. Remember that bit about deepness being important here, you will pretty much never see a cascading Bonsai in anything other then a deepish pot (for Bonsai standards).

And in the end, don't fret too much about perfect pot selection. You will get a chance to repot later in the life of your Bonsai, so if you don't get it perfect now, you will later. And who knows, perhaps the pot you get now will change the design of the tree in ways you never thought about. So enjoy making your Bonsai cascade style trees.

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