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Container Gardening For Beginners
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Container Gardening for Beginners

Eye Candy for Plants

Have you ever walked into a home and the first thing you notice was the plants?

There was nothing unique about the greenery here. In fact, you had a few plants of like variety in your house.

Perhaps what set the plant apart was the uniqueness of the plant’s container.

A carefully chosen container gives any plant a certain distinction whether flower, fruit or vegetable.

Anything from old boots to breadbaskets, old teapots back to wooden crates, will cause a plant to take on a completely different appearance.

Using a few imaginative ideas let’s examine some creative ways to turn ordinary plants into eye-catching displays.

Basic Gardening

Before going off to choose prospective homes for your plants, keep the next point in mind. If you want your plant of choice to survive, you must use good gardening techniques.

  1. Think of plant size – Think of it this way. Does a large hat look right on a small head or vice-verse?
  2. Growing space – How large will the plant grow? If there is not enough room for roots to seek out nutrients, the plant will wilt and die.
  3. Planting mix – Always ensure the container has enough soil to support root growth, keeps roots cool, and keeps the plant steady.
  4. Soil fertility –In order to grow strong, plants need to be fertilized on a regular basis.
  5. Drainage – To keep your plant from drowning in waterlogged soil a hole in the container and free draining planting mix are necessary.
  6. Light- Plants grow better with the right amount of sun or shade.
Container Styles

The other things you want to do besides make your plant look better is provide the right type of container to protect your plant.

  1. Use durable containers that provide adequate protection from the elements and seasonal growing conditions.
  2. Plastic containers are light and unless the manufacturers specially treat the material are not very durable in summer or winter.
  3. Terra Cotta or clay containers are great for summertime planting. However, during the winter months they can easily break.
  4. Plant containers made out of copper, iron, and galvanized metals are heavier and often expensive. They are good to use during the summer and in most cases during the winter months.
  5. Wooden containers can be used year round.
Finding Containers

There are many different ways and places to find container to match your plant.

  1. Looking around your home, is there anything that catches your attention? There may be an old boot, a small bucket or perhaps a vase with a chip is stuck away in one of your closets doing nothing except taking up extra space.
  2. Look outside in the garage or the yard. Is there an old red wagon, or a wooden crate of some kind lying around?
  3. Expand the search. Visit thrift shops, home centers, discount stores, and specialty shops and don’t forget about those yard sales. All those places are good sources for finding plant containers. You can find almost everything imaginable to use as a plant container.

Just take your time and think of it as a small adventure.

Think of some clever ideas and use your imagination to turn ordinary plants in to eye-catching displays.

Proof of an Ideal Plant Container Match

You will know when you find the perfect match between plant and container.

Visitors to your home will show their admiration by remarking on the uniqueness of the plant.

When they ask "Where ever did you ever find such a clever container for your plant?"

When you hear that statement,Just smile and reply, "Tsk. It was just some old thing taking up extra space."

This will establish all proof of reasonable doubt your careful choices and smart work paid off.

Street Talk

Loved your tips Bill (I see from the other comments that people are calling you Bill!) - I am a bit like Rick (below) and his wife, I generally kill off my container plants. I love plants, indoors and out, and wish that my old brown thumb would stop doing what brown thumbs do. Too much sun, not enough sun, too much water, not enough water, it is always something.

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Bill, we are starting some this season.

  about 9 years ago

Good article Bill. Somehow my wife and I always manage to kill off our plants. Perhaps if we spent more time choosing our containers we would spend more time paying attention and watering the things. Thanks

  about 9 years ago
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