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Finding The Best Place For Your Garden Water Feature
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Before buying any garden water feature it is important to consider some aspects of the space in which you are going to put it. What you take into account now will help you to make informed choices about the type that is best for your garden space. This will ensure that your water feature brings you endless hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

Scale and size are two aspects of your garden that are part and parcel of selecting what water feature will be best for your garden. Remember that the feature is intended to accent and enhance your garden and so it has to emphasise or compliment the key aspects of the planting and landscaping that give character to your existing space. Matching the scale and size of your product to the defining parts of your garden will help to do this. Your new water feature, whatever type you eventually choose, does not have to overpower the other enjoyable parts of your garden to be a successful focal point. The last thing you want is for the new addition to become an eyesore, it would be better for it to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace by working together with what you enjoy most about your garden.

Considering the different angles from which you can look at your water feature will help you to make an informed decision about which product you choose. Maybe there are attractive details of a product that you would not be able to appreciate from one part of your garden but that would always be on view from some other area. More than likely you will have to compromise over this aspect of your choices if you are to enjoy your new water feature, particularly if you wish to include how it is seen from your home and a room that you use the most. If you have the luxury of a garden with more space you could always make use of a secluded, hidden area to create an element of surprise. More often than not though the best option is to keep the feature in open view. Solar fountains for example are great because without electrical cables they can be placed free standing in the open. If you are a little short of ground space, a hanging wall fountain is an ideal option, particularly in a patio garden.

Immoveable and hard objects are certainly something you need to take in to account .Be sure to check out the position of any fixed objects in your garden such as drains, manhole and inspection covers or power cables. If any digging is needed, the last thing you want to do is blackout your outbuildings by cutting through a cable. Many garden water features that you can buy will not need any deep digging to install them, but larger pond type products will. One other important consideration if you are planning to introduce a pond feature to your garden is the integrity of a neighbour’s walls. In no way should water be introduced if it is able or likely to undermine the foundations or stability of your neighbour’s property boundary.

Access is part and parcel of maintaining your pond, fountain, waterfall, spillway etc., and it is something you will need to consider as part of both seasonal care and any repair work to power supplies or pumps for example. Typically any mechanical parts for this type of product are very low maintenance and more often than not your main concern for access purposes will be for cleaning and for cultivating and maintaining the garden around your water feature. Bear in mind that leaf drop and lawn cuttings are likely to add unwanted waste to the water. In some cases this will require thinking ahead to what size and shape the plants nearby may need to be to look their best and how this might compromise your enjoyment of a water feature. Try to ensure also that you do not block your access to fences and hedges or shrubs that may need routine seasonal care and attention. Planning ahead in the early stages may also mean you save yourself a ton of bother if having to work around water with electrical tools and equipment. The last thing you want is to increase your chances of getting a bolt out of the blue!

Choosing the right product is a mixture of planning and common sense, but it also requires some understanding of the natural qualities of your garden and how it is going to develop in order to look its best. By getting the right combination of all these things you will be able to focus more confidently on the type of product that will be best for your garden from amongst the thousands that are available.

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