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Garden Landscaping – What Is Required For Small Gardens? Lesson 103
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Garden Landscaping – What is Required for Small Gardens? Lesson 103

Small gardens need careful planning, the growth being the major consideration. This garden would extend an area of 300 sq. metres, or 3200 sq. feet, and smaller. This area would not be 10 metres by 30 metres in one area, but would probably surround portions of a house and be much smaller.

  • Start with a plan. (as with all landscaping operations.)

This operation will need extensive research, you know what plants you want, now find out how big they get. Research their attainable size, their sunlight requirements and remember, plants need air circulation, specially the grasses. Make a study of the garden and take notice of the sun's progression, how much sunlight portions of the garden receive throughout the day. Plants, by natural competition, will vie for light, so do not plant them too close together in areas receiving minimal light.

  • Ratio of grass to flowerbeds.

There is no exact formula for this, here you have to decide how much area you need for your own outside pleasure. If you braai or barbecue and need an area for seating, do not make it postage stamp size, allow for movement of people and air. Outside entertainment may need a large section of the total area, consider trees and plant dividers. Strategically placed pots, hydroponic constructions (plans a plenty on the internet) are all manners of obtaining a greater plant density in a small area.

  • Trees.

This will need the most research, root systems, growth patterns and deciduous or not. Planting the wrong tree may result in major problems later in the tree's growth. Avoid having to remove a tree, and dig up a root system that has infiltrated the entire garden. Evergreen trees being far better and less messy than deciduous, having to collect fallen leaves that have fallen between plant grow, a bothersome task. Avoid planting trees too close to structures, like boundary walls, the trunk size could expand and damage the wall, facilitating a future removal and rebuild.

  • Shrubs and small trees. (an idiotic title, a small tree could be a shrub, as discribed.)

What am I expounding here? A small tree is one that will not reach enormous size and structure, but rather a shade facilitating plant under which one can sit. Take special consideration of the size of the plant, consider the extenuating circumstances of the garden, design, and plant as such. Avoid too dense a planting. Consider rather smaller shrubs, colour production a weighty context of design, and fill areas with ground covers.

  • Paths and water features.

Rather than paths, try blocks, facilitating planting between the steps, or white and coloured pebbles. Today some are using nut shells or bark, placed on hidden plastic allowing for easier cleaning and weeding. Water features, smaller fountain type, they give the sounds of running water without exploiting large tracts of the garden. If a larger pond type needed, plan to include plants as features to surround it, and make use of all the lost space of such a feature. Using your imagination, this type can become natural wet land features, requiring a hole in the ground, plastic lined, with water plants and small reeds standing in the water. These types of plants actually cleanse the water saving the constant need in static ponds. Fish, in the ponds? I cannot help you there.

  • Grass or lawn grass.

Select a variety conducive with the circumstances, one that will not grow vertically from lack of enough sun light. Creeping varieties a better choice. Consideration must also be given to the climate of the area, and select for the best performance possible. Varieties that can develop deep roots are the best for small gardens, they survive differing circumstances far better than shallow root choices. The differing sun light between summer and winter can have devastating results on lawn grasses, if your want is for it green throughout the year, consider this point.

This is a good guide for garden landscaping in small gardens, but remember the results you require, will depend on the attention you give to the design, and the later love and attention you give to it. Happy gardening.

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If I continue to read your articles, I will have planned my garden by the time snow melts. Yes, I do have a garden

  about 1 decade ago

Hope for your sake the snow melts soon, happy gardening!

  about 1 decade ago
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