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Grow Backyard Garden Herbs In A Container Garden
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Have you begun to notice that as a result of the large percent of the population living in apartments and condos. Buying into homes with less property or association regulations that prohibit digging a garden. The alternative to grow backyard garden vegetables in a container has risen greatly. You may wonder is it expensive of difficult? Although some think it is expensive and difficult. Actually it is easy and rather affordable when you consider the cost of veggies and they are healthier and better for you along with the knowledge of where your produce came from and the reward of doing it yourself.

We will use basil as a start for your container garden. To begin you will need the following garden supplies. Three or four pots with drainage holes and something underneath to catch the drainage. Packet of basil seeds, bag of organic compost, bag of peat moss, small garden trowel, small watering can and a nice sunny spot and the good thing is you can move your container to a better spot if necessary. Quick tip recently at my local dollar store they had bags of potting soil for $1 I loaded up the trunk what I don't use now I can use later.

To properly prepare your soil for your backyard garden in containers mix in 5 parts of compost and 1 part peat moss once you have enough fill your first container 1/2 inch from the top with your mix. A single pot in the right spot on your patio or deck looks good. One more pot same size or not will hurt the look, but a third one will recreate the beauty again at least in my eyes. The overall appearance of your container garden should be pleasing to your eye and that of your quest and the association police who will write you up in a second.

Planting your seeds is simple just make holes around 1 inch deep put a couple seeds in each hole cover with your soil and water lightly. Soon your sprouts will reach a height of 2 inches remove extra sprout so you only have one in each spot. Now all you need to do is water regularly when the soil feels dry pull any weeds if there are any. So that they have bushy growths pinch of the tops every couple weeks and remove any flower stalks and process works for all herbs.

Randomly arranging some flower pots in and around your container garden will add to the aesthetic value with some color and a creative mind to have a pleasant container garden scenario that will be attractive to your friends and unexpected quests.

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