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Growing Tomatoes In Australia
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Growing Tomatoes In Australia

Wouldn't you like to grow beautiful Tomatoes in Australia?

Wouldn't you like to go out to your own garden and pick a juicy red tasty Tomato and eat it on the spot without worrying about chemicals?

I think anyone would like to have their own Tomato garden. They cost less, taste better and it's very satisfying to know that you grew them.

Well anyone can grow their own.

It will take some information,dedication and yes a little hard work in the beginning. Isn't it worth some time and some effort to get those great Tomatoes?

  • LOCATION- choose an area out of the way but that will have a good amount of sunshine all day. Don't pick the spot where the kids play ball or where a tree will shade it a good part of the day. If your area is fenced or can be, all the better.
  • SOIL PREPARATION- Now comes the hard part. Perhaps you or a friend has a rototiller or you can rent one if you live in area with a farm store or a home tool center that rents them. Otherwise you may have to dig it up by hand. Just do a little at a time. Dig as deep as possible depending upon your soil. Heavy soil may be loaded with clay, which will be more difficult to prepare.

After the area has been dug up break up the bigger pieces, take out any stones, rocks and any misc.that should not be there.

If you can't break up any grass clumps that had been there put them aside for a compost pile later.

At this point you can add any Compost if you have some, dried cow manure to break up the soil more and add needed minerals into the soil.

It is best to prepare the site in the off season but it can be done just before you plant.

If possible it is important to test your soil to see if it is alkaline or on the acid side. Tomatoes like it between 5.5 and 6.8 which is slightly acid.

Your garden center can help you with the results.

  • PLANTS-I prefer to plant seedlings that I buy but many people plant seeds and grow their own seedlings and then transplant them into the garden.

When you look for the seedlings look for plants that are compact, healthy looking without spotted leaves, broken branches, small tomatoes or flowers already on them. The roots should not be coming out of the bottom of the grow pots. You can check with the garden center or catalog source where you buy the seedlings for the best, hardiest hybrids for your local area.

  • PlANT them deep or Sideways.
  • WATERING -is extremely important. Water more often in the beginning to get the plants started. Usually once or twice a day the 1st week depending upon your drainage. Then every other day unless you get rain. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
  • MULCHING-helps a lot. I like to use last season's leaves that I haven't composted or even compost. I suggest you do not use grass clippings if they have been treated with pesticides etc. Otherwise it is fine.

Take care of your Tomatoes as they grow and then you will be able to enjoy growing tomatoes in the garden.

In future articles I will expand upon how to grow great tomatoes in Australia. Good luck with your plantings.

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