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Organic Ant Control For Your Vegetable Garden
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Ants can be a nasty pest to have in your vegetable garden. This article outlines how you can use organic ant control in your vegetable garden. A good organic garden should rarely need pest control. Balanced gardens have checks in place to prevent an infestation from occurring. Nature, weather, and other unforeseen limitations and complications can occur however. At this point it might be time to step in.

If you have had an organic garden for several years and have never had to search for organic ant control for your vegetable garden than your problem is probably just a temporary one. The best organic ant control for temporary use is sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda around the infected plants. Be sure to only apply near infected plants and use about 2 pinches per plant.

Observe the plants the next day. Reapply if more organic ant control is needed. This should only be done up to 4 days in a row. Keep in mind that other beneficial bugs are also effected by baking soda. This is why you should only be using around infected plants and for a short period of time.

Often times we find that we are combating the same pests year after year. If you are searching for organic ant control for your vegetable garden year after year than you may need to take things astep further. Prevention can eliminate a lot of damage when you know an ant problem is likely to occur.

For this organic ant control method you will need to take equal parts baking soda and baby powder. Use a shaker to sprinkle well mixed mixture in a circle around plants after every other watering. Baking soda is poison to ants and they won't cross over baby powder. This double mixture is sure to be good organic ant control for your vegetable garden.

If you are new to organic gardening or have a consistent battle with pests every year you should consider taking a look at your garden's layout. Changing the location of some plants and adding others to attract and deter pests is the best way to insure balance year after year. You may also find organic garden sprays to be extremely useful in clearing up problems quickly.

Often times bug infestations come in groups. This can be a good and bad thing. You may want to observe plants for a few days before using an organic bug killer. If you observe more than one bug at work the second intruder may have moved in to defend the area. This is wonderful for the gardener because it means nothing needs to be done.

Street Talk

Thanks, first time I have heard of this, it's worth trying for organic gardening.

  about 9 years ago

can I use this idea to kill ants in the house????/ please tell me yes....great article thanks

  about 1 decade ago

I have ants problems in the house and I'll try to use some of your organic ideas to fix them.

  about 1 decade ago

First time I hear about the use of baking soda & baby powder in organic farming. Thanks for this interesting info. I will definitely give it a try. Thank you.

  about 1 decade ago
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