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Organic Gardening - Get The Highest Possible Quality Of Food
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The best way to get the freshest, highest quality and fantastic-tasting veggies is to grow them yourself organically. Organic gardening is something worth knowing even if you don't personally have your own garden space. It can be done in containers on your balcony or porch and it is popular enough that you may be able to find a community garden in your area that promotes organic methods.

But what does organic gardening really mean? Yes, it means not using chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilzers, but it also means replenishing the soil and protecting it from mineral depletion. It means learning which insects you actually want in your garden and which ones you don't want and how to get rid of the "don't wants" in a way that doesn't harm the environment, the soil and most importantly - your food that you are going to be eating. Which means not harming you and your family.

Studies have shown that the nutritional value of organically grown foods is higher than food which is conventionally grown. I can attest to that because I have raised three active boys and whenever we ran out or couldn't get organically grown fruits and veggies, and I had to use regular produce, it was obvious to me that my kids weren't as satisfied. They ate more and they snacked more when we had a meal that wasn't organic!

Some people say that it is too expensive to buy organically grown food. I say, the initial expense may be higher but the savings in volume of food and in later health care costs make up for that. But why even worry about the cost of buying organic foods when you can save so much money by growing food in your own organic garden?

Did you know that a conventionally grown vegetable like cabbage may sit in a supermarket warehouse for as many as six months? If you look up "cabbage" you will find out that it is supposed to be high in vitamin C. Not if it's been on a shelf for six months! That cabbage will no longer have as much vitamin C as it did when it was first harvested. Now imagine the difference between an organic cabbage you would buy in your natural food store and one that you grow outside, pick and eat the same day. Talk about the highest quality you can get!

Organic gardening (any kind of gardening, really) certainly involves some work and upkeep. That's a plus especially if you are looking to be outdoors in the coming spring and summer months and get more physically active. Besides you probably remember that playing in the dirt is a lot of fun! ;)

There's absolutely nothing like going out to your organic garden and picking fresh vegetables or fruits and being able to prepare and serve them the same day! These are fresh and vibrant. They literally shimmer with a vibe that says, "I'm a live food!" That's what organic gardening is all about.

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Thank you!

  about 1 decade ago

Well said, Patty. I'd love to read more about your organic garden!

  about 1 decade ago
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