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Seed Starting Tips
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Seed Starting Tips

Seed starting is a very fun and rewarding experience. Over time you learn what tends to work well as well as things that tend to not do as well. In this article I am going to discuss some of the most helpful tips I have implemented over the years.

The first tip may seem simple but It may also be one of the most important. I have found that it is extremely important to do proper planning when it comes to seed starting. Pay attention to detail and make notes on what is planted, when it's planted, when its watered, and how many days it took to germination. Doing this will help keep track of when you may need to water again but it will also give you valuable information that will help you in the following years.

Once I have planted my seeds I like to keep them in what I call a minature greenhouse. These range in size from one feet to three feet. These are kept inside near a window and allow the seeds to germinate faster and helps to keep a high humidity. Also once the seeds germinate it helps to get the plant off to a good healthy start.

Once your seeds have germinated and start to grow it is important that they get as many hours of light as possible. It is also important that you turn the trays about a quarter of a turn a day to make sure that the plants dont start growing off to the side towards the sun. This will also help to make the stem of the plant stronger. You can also lightly brush over the tops of the plants moving them slightly to encourage stem strength.

Watering your plants isn't enough. As soon as your seeds have germinated it is a good idea to add a pre-mixed seed starting solution to the water to give the seeds the proper nutrients that they need. Seed starting solutions are very mild so that they do not damage the young roots of the germinated seed. Once the plants have developed leaves it will be ok to add liquid fertilizer to the water at about half strength.

Before transplanting your plants into your garden there is one important thing to remember. Your plants have not been introduced to the full effects of the harsh sunlight. It is a good idea to "harden" your plants over a three day process. On the first day place the plants in full morning sun for a few hours and then place them back inside or in a greenhouse. The following two days gradually increase the amount of sunlight that the plants receive.

These tips should help to increase your chances of successful seed starting. The more experience that you have the more tips you will pick up to make seed starting easier and more successful. The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing and appreciate the true beauty of gardening.

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