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Tomato Disease Control
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Tomato Disease Control

Obviously the best Tomato Disease control is prevention,but things happen.

I personally do not like to use chemical fertilizers or chemicals on my plants but I will mention a few if you feel you must for control.

Depending upon which State, Territory or Country in which you live, the Tomato diseases and insects affecting them can vary greatly. It is best to check with your Area University Agricultural or Extension division to receive the up to date info regarding these conditions and their treatment in your area.

Some of the most common conditions are:

  • Blossom End Rot : Can effect the plant whether its green or ripening and it occurs on the blossom end .It is hard or looks like leather and gets progressively worse Sometimes it becomes sunken in, and also a fungal infection can occur. It results from a lack of calcium usually due to uneven or too little watering. Control it with more efficient watering and mulch to prevent water loss and Calcium replacement can be powdered limestone sprinkled around the plants and dug in lightly.
  • Blight : Usually effects the green Tomato 1st and later you will see it as the tomato ripens. Looks like water soaked areas, sometimes looks greasy. Caused by cool,wet weather.Affected tomatoes and/or plants have to be removed and destroyed. Control is best by rotating the crops. A Fungicidal spray may be necessary if it is wide spread.
  • Black Mold :Occurs on Ripe Tomatoes. It is a fungus often sinking into the Tomato. Control is by staking or keeping the plant off of the ground and watering very carefully beneath the leaves and Tomatoes. Keep the leaves dry. Fungicidal control might be used.
  • Cankers : Can occur anywhere on the Tomato Plant. Can be caused by injuries to the plants. Control with careful watering beneath the plants and make sure affected plants are removed and destroyed . Do not put them in your compost pile.
  • Wilts : Spotted wilt mottles the Tomatoes and they can be become malformed with raised spots on them. It is caused by Thrips. Control by removing infected plants. If you know you have thrips plant basil around them as they repel thrips.
  • Verticillium Wilt and Fusarium Wilt are fungal diseases of tomato plants, similar but not identical. There is no effective treatment. All diseased plants and anything related to them that appear to be effected must be removed and destroyed. As this is an internal disease of the plants and the fungus lives in the soil for a few years the crops must be rotated at least 2 years apart. That includes peppers, tomatoes,eggplants and potatoes.

One of the best controls is to pick compact healthy looking hybrid plants to start with and then always rotate your families of plants.Water evenly from below .Keep ground well watered but not soggy .Promote good drainage.. Tomato roots grow deep. Keep leaves off of the soil with good staking. Use good organic mulch such as leaves.

  • Enjoy your Tomatoes.

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