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How To Win Back Your Girlfriend When You Are A Lesbian
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There has to be a time in between all that we are going through in which we stop and think if there might be a different way to win back our girlfriends just because we are lesbians. We think of ourselves differently as any heterosexual couple, sometimes I wonder why, but in reality we are just the same. We hold relationships with our special someone and try our hardest to make it work. And, as any other couple in the world, we fail we fall and we get up together. At least, that is what we are trying to do today, right?

The above first sentence describes how I felt when my girl and I were going through a difficult time in our relationship. We had been friends for a very, very, very long time and this was, definitely, the test of our lifetime. At least that is how it felt at that time. But let me not get into details on about what happened between us, instead, let's give you a "golden nugget" on how to get your girlfriend back when you are in a lesbian relationship. This piece of advice may sound redundant and unimportant, but please consider it and give it some thought.

There are a couple of key things I did in order to get her attention and avoid her from stopping thinking of me. This is crucial since it would be a horrible feeling to find out that she is actually moving on without you. Wouldn't it?

Do I have your attention now? Here it goes:

Keep your focus on yourself so she keeps her focus on you!

Did you get that? Re-read it if you would like until you get it. The concept is this, when you work on improving yourself you get to be more attractive to the entire world around you. The people you interact with will notice that you are actually doing and taking action on becoming a better person. Don't you think she would like that about yourself? Think about it. What would you rather be and how would you like to react towards your situation?

You have just a couple of options.

1. You have the option to cry, yell, beg for forgiveness, kick and scream and appear like a total whiny loser. Not to mention her own embarrassment for you.


2. Rise up above the situation, regain control of your life and get your lesbian girlfriend back.

I don't know about you, but I'd pick option number 2.

I will not lie to you, I whined, begged and embarrassed myself when I felt I was losing her. But it was HER that opened my eyes and let me see clearly through her own eyes. She said she did not want to hear from me unless I regained control and stop for once the childish behavior I was going through. I realized how bad I looked in the mirror, and; that is when I first took the first step on getting her back for good. Even if you think it may be impossible getting her back. Regain your posture and your smile brother because you are setting up yourself for the biggest surprise of your life.

And that is how I got my girlfriend back for good. And yes, we are a lesbian couple.

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