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How To Research Your Family Tree
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How to Research Your Family Tree

If you would like to research your own family history, but don't know where to start, this article may be able to help you. I will start with where your can build a family tree. There is a plethora of family tree software. You can google family tree software. There is Roots Magic, Family Tree Maker, FamilySearch, and Ancestry. You can pay for the software or use the free software.

You can also do it with paper. There are many types of forms you can download at ancestry and familysearch. You can also google "free genealogy forms." If you go on a field trip to a cemetery or a historical society, bring the forms to record the information and the sources.

Getting started is easy if you go online and get a free class in "Getting Started" at familysearch. They also have other free courses by country or a crash course in researching your family history. It is a good way to learn the different steps of research, such as where to go, recording a source, what a source is and where to look in your own home for tips on who and where your family came from.

There are many places to research. Whether it is online or in person. Look at the historical societies in the town you are researching. Newspaper articles are good, too. Especially for obituaries and birth and death notices. Ebay has been a great resource for me. You can either research your surname or the town they came from. It is amazing what you can find. Online there is familysearch, mocavo, ellisisland for immigration information and other specialized places by state or country. Google is an invaluable resource for searching. Just google genealogy vital records and state or country name. Or google genealogy and state or country name.

The most important resource is your own diligence, patience and dedication. Sometimes the information will come easy. Then again, you may run into a brick wall that may take years to break through. I usually go to some other part of the tree if I am at an impasse. You will have a chance to add more to your tree and think about a different way to approach your brick wall.

This is the time to research your family. There are so many sources available to us now. You can write or email different agencies in different countries. Canada has their own laws concerning privacy, but if you want something that they can give you, they are very accommodating. Even in France you can write to the government if you are looking for your relatives that disappeared there during WWII. I know that I never cease to be amazed at the information and collectibles that I have found, mostly online.

This should give you a start. I hope that you find your family research as fun and full of history, as I have found in mine.

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