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Engravable Gift – What You Can Engrave On
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Engraving is a great way to personalize a gift, either to someone else or why not to yourself. The basic idea is to inscribe some kind of text, symbol or picture on an item to give it some extra value. This can be done both by hand and machine. There are actually not that many restraints when it comes to the materials that you can engrave on. So if you’re looking for engravable gifts you basically only have to look for items with a hard surface. In the following I’m going to outline some of the more commonly used materials and give you a few details about their characteristics and engraving possibilities.


I have to start with metal since it surely is the most used basis for engravable gifts. This is probably because metal surfaces only require shallow etching, are easy to engrave and present great design possibilities. Popular metal engravable items are jewelry, flasks, electronics (like iphones and mp3 players), photo frames and watches.


Engraved glass has been around for a long time but has become more popular lately. Before the glass had to be engraved by hand but nowadays the engraving can be done by special lasers. Of course anything made out of glass can be engraved but most people choose vases, wine glasses, jewelry and awards.


Engraved wood is quite different from metal and glass engravings in both process and final result. Compared to metal and glass the etching is deep and it can be filled with ink to make it more visible and protruding. A lot of people find engraved wood to give a very elegant and genuine impression. Among the popular engravable gifts are photo frames, different carvings, baskets and various kitchen supplies.


Plastic is more unusual material to engrave. It has great possibilities since it’s so malleable and can vary in hardness but is probably considered a bit cheap for a gift or decoration. Items that are used as engravable gifts include toys, books, key chains and a wide range of office supplies.


Stone is engravable but requires both skills and supplies. After making grooves in the stone with some kind of tool, paint or epoxy are usually used to enhance the engraving. Most of us come to think of head stones when we talk about stone engravings but it is actually possible to make very beautiful engravings on items like photo frames, decorative stones, jewelry and all kinds of stone art.

Other materials

As mentioned before, most items with a hard surface can be engraved. Other popular materials include leather, ivory, bone and shells. Even teeth and candles.

I hope after reading this you no longer only think of wedding rings and head stones as engravable gifts and items, but see the endless possibilities the “art form” brings to the table. According to me the only two limitations are the hardness of the surface and your own imagination.

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