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F 402 Ballpoint Pen Review
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F 402 Ballpoint Pen Review

When looking for the right pen certain requirements need to be fulfilled: Smoothness, ink flow, weight, price, and last but not least, looks.

The Zebra F-402 ballpoint pen incorporates all these attributes if not more. It is a pen that looks great without being expensive.

Here are some of the most important features of this awesome pen:

1) Zebra's F-402 shows a nice business look because of its stainless steel build.

2) The refills last a considerable amount of time.

3) The prize is cheap for such a good pen. Making it very accessible and one of the main reasons people love this pen so much.

4) The pen has a clip which can clip easily to any type of pocket thanks to its round nub in the clip.

5) Due to its steel constitution, the pen has a good weight and a great balance. These characteristics will impact your writing giving it a more defined and smooth look. It is great for those who like to spin their pens in class or just to kill some time.

6) The clicking mechanism is firm. Being a click pen, the F-402 looks more stylish and professional than pens that require you to take a cap off or twist it. Clicking your pen not only looks good but it can also help you relax. Some people claim they think better while clicking their pens.

7) It has a fine tip, which is excellent for those who want to write small details. In any case, the refill can be replaced by a bolder one.

8) The pen literally glides on paper improving the efficiency and comfort of your writing.

9) It has a smooth rubber grip which matches the ink color.

The ink might not look as dark as some people would like it to be, but it will serve its purposes very well.

In conclusion, the Zebra F-402 is a great option for those who are looking for a pen with a decent executive look and one that will long enough. Also for those who are afraid of buying an expensive pen that they will eventually loose somewhere.

It is easy to get, easy to use, and easy to replace. Just get a new refill and off you go.

In average the pen lifetime is of approximately 4 to 5 years.

If you are left-handed you will probably know how difficult it is to use a gel, not to mention a fountain pen, where the ink gets smeared on the page when your hand drags it on the paper.

In this case, ballpoint pens are your best bet. However, if you do not want to settle with a cheap pen and all the inconveniences they carry with them, the Zebra F-402 is the ballpoint pen you are looking for.

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