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Green Valentines Day Ideas
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Are you looking for some really unique Valentine’s Day ideas for this Valentine’s Day? Well, if you are, and your special someone is earth conscience, then why not consider a Green Valentine’s Day Gift this year? Not only does it show you truly took your significant others interests to heart, but it also reveals you are a compassionate person who cares about the environment.

Typically when you think of Valentine’s Day Gifts, gifts such as candy, cards, flowers, chocolates and balloons come instantly to mind. However, do you know how much waste these products actually add to our landfills? Imagine how many cards are simply tossed out, yet how many trees it took to actually produce them. Unfortunately, plastic balloons are proving just as detrimental to our environment as the waste from plastic bags. Luckily there are other options; both for our environment, as well for us earth conscience shoppers.

Numerous companies now offer green alternatives, including sustainably grown organic flowers, trees you can plant, fair trade and organic chocolates, eco-chic apparel and customizable e-cards. My favorite Green Valentine’s Day Gift, however, includes used items, such as pre-owned jewellery, as well as vintage purses and wallets.

Jewelery is arguably one of the most popular items that men tend to give women on Valentine’s Day. But, rather than buying random new pieces for her jewelry box, why not start her collecting pieces from a specific vintage collection? That way, not only does she have a beautiful pre-owned vintage piece of jewelry, but she also has a new hobby. I especially like gifting and receiving vintage jewelery, because it is both collectible and a great long term investment.

For men, a great eco-friendly gift idea is to buy him a pre-owned item, such as a vintage watch. You can even personalize it, by getting the back of it engraved with his name or a special message. You may even be able to find a highly sought after brand, that would otherwise be too expensive brand new.

Designer purses have become increasingly popular in the last ten years. However, as the styles change with each season and old styles become “so last season,” there are plenty of vintage designer handbags now available to buy. Some of the old season bags are even becoming chic again and would make the perfect Green Valentine's Day Gift.

If you're looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift for your significant other then it's possible to impress him or her by opting for a Green Valentines Day Gift this year. Ultimately, choosing to shop green can help make Valentine's Day more earth friendly, as well as provide your loved one with a unique, one of a kind gift.

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