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Trekker Space Pen - Write Without Limit
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Trekker Space Pen  -  Write Without Limit

You might be thinking that writing is not as important as it used to be. You might say that typing fast in a keyboard is the way of the future. You might believe that all you will need is a computer and maybe a printer.

Let's say you're in the Himalayas, well maybe not that far, but let's say you love extreme sports or excursions. Are you going to take your laptop with you? I mean, you could, and that's totally ok. But let's be realistic, a laptop can stop functioning just because it runs out of battery. Not to mention you will need a good internet connection.

OK. Even if you are not planning to go and climb Mount Everest, carrying a laptop with you everywhere you go is kind of annoying.

Iphone you say, ok. That's smaller but still needs to recharge.

Look, I'm not against technology, au contraire, but I'm not a fan of stuff that is too dependent on batteries. Don't get me wrong. I have a laptop and I like Iphones but in general all I need is a pen and a surface to write.

What I'm trying to say is: You need tools that will always work independently of your location. Thus, Good old pen and paper will always be there when you need them.

Now, I don't have a piece of paper you say. Totally ok. You have your skin don't you? You can write on it.

However, for that amazing task you'll need a pen that can actually write on your skin, regardless of sweat and dirt and maybe water.

So, you need a Trekker pen.

A Trekker pen is a Fisher Space pen to be more precise. A pen that has a special type of cartridge with a special kind of ink, and that can write upside down on wet and oily surfaces. It can actually write in zero gravity, therefore the name Space pen right?

Now, a Trekker pen is a very peculiar one. Why? Because you can hang it upside down for a hundred years if you like and it will write.

Do you need a pen you can clip to your belt, backpack or keychain? This is the one you need.

The desing is neat and solid. It comes in various colors and textures like matte black and silver. It also has a knurled plastic grip which makes it a bit different from the other space pens out there.

Most Trekker pens come with a carabiner and a break-away lanyard which make it possible to clip the pen to let's say, your belt.

You need evidence? Did you know that a Fisher Space Pen was used during the Everest North Face Ski Expedition in 1997?

In conclusion, if you need a pen that can endure daily abuse and write as beautifully as the first day it was built, do yourself a favor a get one of these heavy-duty pens. Just remember not to forget it at the front desk the dentist office.

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