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Unusual Gifts For Him
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Unusual Gifts for Him

Do you find, like I do, that some people are really easy to buy gifts for – my sister for example, there’s so much she likes, and every time I go out I see and abundance of gifts I could buy for her. Christmas shopping for my sister is a case of trying to choose between 20 great gifts I could buy her, rather than the hours of searching for something – just one thing – for my dad. Finding unusual gifts for him has been my quest every Christmas and birthday since I was a teenager.

I’ve learned to think “out-of-the-box” a bit, and this has of course helped. So I thought I’d share some of my ideas here for others with the same challenge. Here are three ideas to start with:

1.  If you can’t actually find unusual gifts for him, you can still present them in an unusual way. For example, if you know he likes cooking, you could get him a DVD or recipe book, and wrap it in a chef’s hat.

2.  If he likes sport: buy a beanbag, a bath-robe and a book or sporty gift basket – all “usual” things, but together you can make it an unusual gift for him: Remove the belt from the robe and nestle the robe into the beanbag. Place the book or gift basket in the center of the robe and place a can or bottle of his favorite beverage in one pocket of the robe and a card in the other. Tie the belt around the beanbag, in a bow, and place in front of the TV for him.

3.  You could also make your own unusual gifts for him. Here’s an idea that will melt his heart:  Cover a box in paper or fabric (or photos), and fill it with 365 notes – one for each day of the coming year. On each note, write an inspirational, funny or affectionate message. Seal the box, and cut a slit in the top so that he can reach in and take out a note. Put a sign on the box that says something like “Daily Inspiration” or “Daily Message”. You can do variations of the messages – for a dad or granddad, each member of the family could contribute messages, jokes and drawings; the messages could also be all the things you admire about him. A tip for this last one: keep a pen and notepad with you and next to your bed, so you can make a note of things you admire about him, as they come to you. You could even include photos – perhaps you could take some funny photos especially for this gift – so that some of the days he’ll pull out a photo instead of a note.

Once you get started thinking “out-of –the-box” you’ll come up with more and more ideas for unusual gifts for him – in fact, I’ve found it difficult to stop now!  

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