The 4 Secrets Of Success
In just about any endeavor, the keys to success are usually the same. It doesn’t matter if your goal is raising $10,000…
Time Travellers Of the Future Part 1
Dear Friends, may I firstly thank you for all your support in making Universally Friendly a growing force that harbours…
5 Benefits Of Goal Setting
Are you one of those people who struggle to see the benefits of goal setting? After all if you have something you want…
The Wise Master Builder
How can one be considered a wise master builder? Well, let's consider a more realistic point of view about a wise master…
Do You Have A Plan for Your Future?
Living without any clear goal and without planning for their future is a common practice for a lot of people. Immersed…
How To Do What You Love
Stop right here. Get out of your chair, go to the mirror and take a good hard look at yourself. You are the proverbial…
Goal Setting Articles (104)
Finding Purpose In Life
Do you barely drag yourself out of bed to work every morning? Do you struggle daily to make ends meet? Did you ever catch yourself at work staring into space thinking “What’s the point?” You’re not alone with this feeling. Like you there are millions of people out there. They…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jun 10, 2015  
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Managing Your Own Expecations to Achieve Your Goals
Have you noticed how often people are dissatisfied with certain aspects of their lives? It might be work related, their home life, their social life, their health and fitness ... The reasons behind their dissatisfaction will vary but you can guarantee that part of their unhappiness will be because their…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Mar 15, 2012  
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Finish What You Start
What was the last thing you finished? A radio or television show that you enjoy regularly? A cup of coffee? Your breakfast? Finishing a show that you love will allow you to learn how it ends. You will get to enjoy the funny scene at the end of your favorite…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Mar 28, 2013  
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Time for A Change In 2014
First I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEARS 2014 to everyone & I hope that you have plan your resolution & that you can stick to it. I have some NEW YEARS resolution too "Want to lose weight, find better a job/career, more time with family, etc.", well I'm…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jan 02, 2014  
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How to Achieve Life Fulfillment And Happiness In Easy Daily Steps
Any road as long as it might be is made of steps. Step after step leads us to our destination. Life road is the same. Every day we live we are supposed to make steps which get us closer to different destinations. Destinations are our goals. As long as we…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jun 10, 2011  
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Tackling the Problem Of Setting Goals You Won't Achieve
If you’ve ever made goals in the past and you haven’t achieved them, have you thought about what went wrong or have you decided that goal setting just doesn’t work? Lots of people blame the principles of goal setting rather than considering what they could do to improve their goal…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 28, 2012  
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Importance Of Setting Attainable Goals
In this journey that we partake in called life, there are some things that are of utmost importance to us. One of those things that's always foremost in mind is goal setting. But not just simply goal setting but goal setting that brings about a continual sense of accomplishment. Its…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Nov 11, 2014  
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Secrets Of Success: Goal Setting Process:
There are probably lots of content written on secrets of success and goal setting. So why am I writing another article on the same subject? I have a couple of reasons to do so, and no you probably not going to learn anything major that you already do not know.…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Feb 24, 2012  
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RRP - The Rapid Recovery Program
It gives me the greatest pleasure to write this article called RRP or The Rapid Recovery Program. I am writing this article amidst the turmoil that many of us are placed in each day of our lives struggling to cope with the constraints of The Modern world. Life should never…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Sep 08, 2012  
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Goals: Set Em' Up And Knock Em' Down
I’ve set many goals in my lifetime. Some of them I’ve reached, some of them I’ve surpassed, and lots of them I’ve failed. I’m not one to take kindly to failure so when I fail a goal I get down. I think it wasn’t meant to be or that I…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Aug 27, 2013  
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The Setting Of Goals - Why Some People Dont Do It
When I first trained as a coach, I couldn’t work out why the setting of goals might be a controversial issue. It’s obvious why you should set short, medium and long terms goals isn’t it? Well actually no. It may be obvious to people who are very goal orientated, but…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 11, 2011  
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From India to Oman
Begun his adventure through a residential community of Thrissur in Kerala somewhere in the range of 40 odd years prior and today he runs an organization with a quality of 25,000 representatives in the inlet nation of Oman! This is P Mohammed Ali, the organizer of Galfar Engineering and Construction,…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Dec 04, 2015  
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Conquer The Obstacles to Achieving Your Goals
There are so many obstacles that keep us from achieving our goals these days that it is so easy to just put them all on the back burner. But is this something you really can afford to do? No you can not give up. Adversity is the optimal condition for…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 10, 2012  
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You Will Find What You Seek
You will always find what you seek in life. Always. So be careful what you look for. Look for things that serve you. If you choose to look for violence, anger, and hate, you can find them. If you seek those things, those things will find you. If you choose…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Aug 01, 2014  
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A Guide to Making A Real New Year’s Resolution
As the snow is falling and the Christmas carols are ringing, the clock is ticking for selecting your New Year Resolution. For some making a New Year’s resolutions serves as commitment to start with a clean slate. For most it ends up as a futile attempt at making a change…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Dec 22, 2011  
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5 Disadvantages Of Goal Setting
I’m a coach so I encourage people to set goals, but I know that a lot of people remain sceptical about the benefits of goals setting, so I wanted to strike a balance and look at what might be perceived as the disadvantages of goal setting and possible solutions. Not…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jul 01, 2012  
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Ideas Plus Actions, Equal Results
Since the fall of man, life for many has been a constant battle for survival in many ways. It is a battle to acquire and achieve certain things such as to enjoy the good life that many crave. Whether, to have the hands of a beautiful woman, to own your…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jul 28, 2015  
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Give Yourself the Right to Achieve Your Dreams
Every person on this planet has a secret dream about how she would like to live. Poor people dream to richness, ugly people dream to be loved and admired, and sick people dream to be healthy. But if they are in the situation to exactly state what they want to…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Mar 16, 2012  
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Career Change After 50
Is the road ahead a bit out of focus? I would like to share some thoughts about career change especially if you are over 50 and almost ready to retire. There are over 400,000 pages in google search relating to this interesting life change. They include counseling, testing sites and…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 13, 2013  
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Do You Have What it Takes to Check Off Your 2014 Resolutions Goals?
“Seven Deadly Sins Wealth without work Pleasure without conscience Science without humanity Knowledge without character Politics without principle Commerce without morality Worship without sacrifice.” âۥ Mahatma Gandhi I want to believe that you want a pleasant change this year in your life and you probably are willing to do whatever…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jan 07, 2014  
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Making Goals And Achieving Them
Creating goals and achieving them is no easy task if we statistically look at it. Over 90 percent of people in the US do not achieve their goals and/or do not have goals to go achieve. When we talk to the worlds most successful people; they ALL say they have…
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Quotes Of the Modern Day - Part 2
Dear Friends, you are here right at this page because curiosity killed the cat. We are often curious but not entirely satisfied. We need to come back and search for answers. Have you been in the mill of activity just with a bag of inconclusive answers? Science is not really…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jun 01, 2012  
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Setting Goalssetting Goals
What is the goal anyway? This can be broken into two parts- Personal vision that we have for life pushes us up son turn up occasionally or frequently. Strong inner urge that drives us in our daily activity which stems from a desire to change our lives for the better.…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Dec 01, 2014  
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Creating Clearly Defined Goals
What is the difference between a wish and a goal? I wish is something that you fantasize about having someday, somehow. A goal is something that you wish for, along with a plan to make it happen. The first step to making the transition from wish to goal is to…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Feb 25, 2012  
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Self Assessment 2013
Welcome to all my friends from around the world on the second weekend of 2013. Yes, 2013 is upon us. A few weeks ago we were preparing for the future ahead. We were getting ready to commit to realistic goals that would change our lives for the common good. Our…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Jan 12, 2013  
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Believe And You Will Achieve Success
As we strive to be the absolute best we can be as a parent of our children, the most incredible and thoughtful spouse, the most reliable and competent employee, the strongest and most valuable team member, our lives can be a bit overwhelming, exhausting, and sometimes discouraging. The universal law…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Sep 02, 2013  
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Setting And Achieving Goals: Would A Goal Buddy Help?
Let’s face it, life as we know isn’t fair. Some people seem to find it dead easy to get where they’re going in life. They set their mind at something and before you know it they’ve achieved what they wanted. They can leave you wondering how they do it. Well…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 14, 2011  
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Life Density
So far everything has been balanced in the Universe and consequently on the Earth.Whatever disaster takes place, the Earth finds its own way to survive by means of dynamic balance. Some species have been extinct and as a result their function in the chain of species has been lost. Mother…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Mar 02, 2016  
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Barriers to Goal Setting
Are you one of those people who talks about setting goals but then fails to do so? If you are, you’re not alone. But have you ever really thought about what stops you? Perhaps it’s because you don’t think goal setting really works or perhaps you just think it’s waste…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   May 11, 2012  
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Explore Your Career Options Ahead Of the Obvious
Individuals have several career aspirations that change over the passage of time, you might want to become a theater actress or model when you’re in your teens, but with the passage of time you may want to explore other professional avenues, depending upon the kind of experience that you've gained…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Goal Setting   Aug 04, 2014  
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We are born, and as we are born we become the source point of a stream that was designed to at first…
Así como la distancia más corta entre dos puntos es una línea recta, la distancia mas corta entre…
What's a motto? Nothing, what's a motto with you! Okay, so it is old, but the comedy routine does…
Dear Friends welcome to a fine day amongst days that are meant to be lived and thoroughly enjoyed…
We've all been told about the importance of setting goals but how effective is goal setting? Harvard…
Strive to be Successful Most individuals desire to be successful. Success can be attained if you…

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