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30 Articles In 30 Days Wow How I Did This?
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30 Articles In 30 Days Wow How I Did This?

Good day to you in this article I am going to explain how I managed to achieve the 30 articles in 30 days challenge right here on Street Articles. First of all I would like to mention that prior to taking up this challenge I had no article writing experience at all. True I had a few little attempts at it but no solid foundation to start from. I looked at the overall explanation of what needed to be done and I thought to myself.

  • I can do this. Even if I only achieve one article a day I can do this!!!

Having a positive frame of mind is most important. Repeat to yourself out loud "I can do this!!!" and your brain will take on this affirmation and you will achieve this goal.

As mentioned I took on the challenge. Now here comes the spanner in the works!!!

Just after clicking the link and starting to read the first email I received I received a phone call from my lovely wife to be who at that time lived in the South of France. I myself live in London the UK. For those of you who are not aware of this distance it is some 905 miles or 1,456 kilometres.

The news was not good for my article work to begin. She had to leave France and she had to leave France very quickly and we had to do this by road. I had to jump on a plane and travel to France to drive back with her.

I was booked on a plane to leave in four days time. This of course gave me four days to begin my article writing.

I chose to start my writing on a subject that I was fully aware of that being Diabetes Type One as I have been diabetic for over 40 years. I then soon discovered that in order to get my articles approved in a quicker time you had to publish 15 articles in one give subcategory of one category. So without further ado I had to choose one subject that I was quite interested and enjoyed writing about. As I have worked in marketing before and got various books and knowledge on the subject I chose to write articles about "Marketing".

So my first piece of advice when starting out on your 30 articles in 30 days challenge is to:-

  • Choose a subject you enjoy writing about and are knowledgeable in. This will get you "Expert Status" quickly.

I set off on my journey to France. I took one book with me to which I read and read again. Whilst on the journey back to the UK I had no internet connection so of course I could not write articles let alone submit the articles to be approved. This lost me 9 days in total! Nine days out of thirty is quite a lot.

Rather than letting this discourage me from my goal of writing 30 articles in 30 days I just worked out how many articles I had to write per day in order to keep on goal. Having ADHD as well it was very important for me to achieve this goal! Second piece of advice is this:-

  • If you miss a day don't delay start writing the next available day. Redefine in your mind how many articles you have to write per day to achieve this goal!!

By the time I returned to my home we was on about day thirteen or fourteen. With still very few articles written I knew my work was going to be cut out. Though I remained in my positive state of mind and dedicated two hours per day to complete my articles. From start to finish. I could only dedicate two hours as my good wife to be also had to find work and of course the other day to day duties that happen.

What I started to notice though and you will do too, is my articles were being read and people were commenting on them. This gives me as it will you a sense of pride. I began to feel more confident in my writing skills and my articles were soon flying from my fingertips to the keyboard to approved by the Street Articles Team. Third piece of advice.

  • Take notice of how your articles are being read.

This will give you a sense of pride in your work. Enjoy the comments being written and reply back to start the social aspect.

€‹In the last week of the thirty day challenge I had to travel to Scotland which once again is some 500 miles or some 804km. Another day lost! Still I was not deterred.

Where my wife to be parents live in Scotland it is shall we say quite simply "In the middle of nowhere!"

Their internet connection was not the best and all I had to work on was my iPad. I could not really arrive in a strangers house and take over the PC.

Still I remained confident in my daily tasks that I had to do. Working on an iPad is not as easy as a PC but it can be done and so my fourth piece of advice is

  • However you can write your articles write them!!!

€‹I stayed in Scotland for roughly 11 days and caught the overnight coach back down to London.

On my final day to submit my articles I still had seven to do and get approved. As I had achieved "Expert Status" in business I decided to stay in that category.

As we all know our articles must be 400 words minimum in length so I had to write 2800 words minimum to get through.


The feeling of achieving my final article being approved was second to none. I encourage you to continue with the challenge because if I can do whilst:-

  • Suffering from ADHD
  • Travelling 3500 miles
  • Little Writing Experience

Anyone can do it.

That includes you.

Welcome to the challenge.

Once again thanks for reading any questions just ask.

All the best Jason who quite simply rocks at writing.

Street Talk

Thanks for the encouragement! I am just starting out. I know what you mean when you start getting people reading and leaving comments! What a rush it is for me, a newbie! Great article

  about 1 decade ago

Alright! Congratts its a great feeling to finish a project!

  about 1 decade ago

A great achievement... having been there myself... it certainly gives one a feeling of having done it and now the world is at your feet... keep it up

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Rob and yes now I am deciding on which other subject to become an expert in...

  about 1 decade ago

I wrote three articles today :) Can you imagine 90 articles in 30 days??

  about 1 decade ago

Just have done when you asked me to imagine it...Tough to be honest that would have been really tough going for me,. what with all my travelling and stuff. Good luck.

  about 1 decade ago

Congratulations on a good job done well:-)

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Cynthia.... It was a task that I undertook and the first major one in a fair few years thankfully no tears despite a few fears...

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Cynthia... Now in the next couple of days I am off again to travel up to Scotland in car. Return next week some time. Then after that I should be resuming to normal and be able to concentrate more on my work. Thanks once again Jason :)

  about 1 decade ago
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