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5 Year Goals In 4 Steps
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5 Year Goals In 4 Steps

Having a five-year goal is desirable, commendable and important. Even though you may know it's a good idea to take time to "plan" your 5-year goals, there is enough on our plate to plan for this year, let alone far in advance. A tip to make the process easier is to fast forward time and then look backwards from that vantage point. Try the exercise in this article and discover what needs your attention now that will make all the difference, tomorrow.

Step 1 - Envision the following:

  • It's five years from today. Calculate out the month and year and make note of it.
  • Place yourself in your mind, as though it is actually five years from now. Think of how a good pair of Binoculars expands outward to give a close up view.
  • Picture yourself living your ideal world at that time with your goals met.
  • Imagine yourself right where you want to be.
  • You have, and are doing, what you always dreamed -- and in the way you have always wanted.
  • You are with the people you want to be with, including those you have yet to meet.
  • Your day's activities are just what you want them to be.
  • Your income meets your goals for your life and you're excited about the next chapter.

Step 2: Notice the Vision

Your home, health, finances, travel plans, children -- everything is where you'd like it to be. What do you see? Really take a moment to see, feel and almost taste the greatness of your life. The more senses you can involve, the more real it becomes.

Step 3: Ask Yourself the Most Important Question

When your vision is clearly in your mind - as much as you can see, ask yourself this question:

  • For your world to have reached your goals, and be at this ideal place, what would have to have occurred during the prior 5 years? Take your time and read that again.

€‹Quickly jot down whatever comes to mind. Keep your notes. They are sacred.

Step 4: What have you learned?

Now, answer these questions to discover any fears, blocks or apprehensions that may get in the way of reaching your vision of your 5 year goals.

  • Is there anything you can begin doing today that will impact the outcome you envisioned?
  • Did you notice any fears you are experiencing right now that you realize must be removed in order to create the momentum necessary?
  • What are the accomplishments you're doing today that, when you keep doing them, will reach your ideal vision?
  • What, if anything, did you see as your largest hurdles? What goals can you develop to tackle the blocks now, and unlock the potential of your business?

Answer these questions honestly, write them down, print them out, review them often. Then, get ready to enjoy the success you're about to create!‹ Success comes to the prepared mind. Best of luck and happy visions.

If you learned anything from this exercise you'd like to share with the community, share it with other readers!

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