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Break The Bipolar Cycle
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Break the Bipolar Cycle

One consequence of a bipolar cycle is a loss of hope. This loss of hope is often associated with depression yet the loss of hope also has a back door approach. The manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder allow entrance to a sense of hopelessness because the mania associated with being bipolar brings about a disarrayed perception of energy and creativity. To help break the bipolar cycle that may lead to hopelessness is a daily routine created for a long term goal, the structured steps as a routine can boost self confidence.

A manic episode sufferer while in the heightened energy and creativity state may forge plans, not just on a intellectual level but on a material level as well, this planning and or action with a future view in mind may be discovered as less then realistic once the bipolar cycle has moderated. This lack of reality opens the door for the loss of hope because the creative goal setting was not completed due to the creation of the unrealistic goal in a manic state.

When you, as a bipolar sufferer, realize after having “come down” that the planning, while imprisoned in a bipolar cycle, is not realistic it can take away from the desire to plan any type of goal setting due to the fear of failure after being on a euphoria high. Self doubt may possibly set in as a consequence of fear resulting in further escalation of the bipolar cycle.

The self doubt is a result of the constant questioning if your plans are realistic or not. You may not question the authenticity of the planning but; is all your preparation only a result of another manic episode therefor the goal is not realistic? The will to question is reasonable but when you suffer from bipolar cycles the constant contemplation and the drive to know may propel you into a manic state enhancing the bipolar cycle.

If you are lacking a goal, this will lesson your hope. Hope gives a sensation of positive feelings. Without these positive feelings a bipolar suffer will fall into a depressive state. It is a cruel state; self doubt coupled with .

A structured routine with a realistic goal that involves intellectual planning can can help break the bipolar cycle. The firmness of purpose with your own website offers a realistic alternative.

It is realistic because

-So many people have a website: Just take a look at the internet and know that everywhere you land is a website made by someone or a group. You can create the website by your self or involve friends and family making it a group project. This project will give a sense of purpose, purpose offers hope.

-What you put into your website is practically limitless: weather you want to just share your experience as a bipolar, help others because of your experience or you want to start a small business; the goal is realistic because the internet is a World Wide Web. You can find hope by working to a vision of how your website will look or what its purpose will be for those who experience it.

-Your website can be constantly updated and improved. The updates and improvements are part of the routine and part of the goal; part of the goal of having a website is to get visitors and to learn how to do that and to make the visitor experience as pleasant as possible is something that can be constantly improved upon. The hope for a website that you may be proud of will motivate you to try harder.

Having your own website gives a sense of purpose and it helps break the bipolar cycle. You can find hope in what you are doing by striving to make your website a success. Success with your website can be defined by you or those who are close to you. Success is to break the bipolar cycle and its impact, at the least a website can be a part of your daily or weekly routine, a routine that can help break the bipolar cycle.

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