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Career Change After 50
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Career Change After 50

Is the road ahead a bit out of focus? I would like to share some thoughts about career change especially if you are over 50 and almost ready to retire. There are over 400,000 pages in google search relating to this interesting life change. They include counseling, testing sites and different ways to prepare for a life change. There are a many helping hands available.

Career counseling might be an option to get you headed in the right direction and maybe clear your head (if needed) and help you focus in the right direction. If little else it will let you work with someone who will help you to do a self assessment to learn who you are at this time of your life

It might be a good idea to test the waters, so to speak, before quitting your regular day or night job. It is possible that you could find out that your dream job is not so wonderful. Or, maybe it might turn out to be exactly where you need to be. There are associations for just about every occupation you can imagine. Contact an association and find out who is doing your dream job in your local area. Network with people who are working in your upcoming chosen career. Find out about the negatives as well as the positives. Determine start up and ongoing expenses.

I read recently about someone who wanted to quit her job and raise Llamas. You really have to have dedication and a love of your chosen animal to raise any animal. You can’t leave for a vacation unless you have a trusted person to care for them in your place. This job requires you to be present and care for them every single day. No days off!

If you want to start your own business and be the boss you could talk to SCORE. They are a group of professionals that mentor people in startup businesses. Both face to face, by telephone and internet.

It is a brave person who takes the different road and does not stay in a job which may have outlasted it’s shine and excitement after many years of working there. In my case, I have found affiliate marketing in this space. Whether you decide to stay put or move on at least you will know after investigation that you are in the right place. There are many different ways to develop a plan for the rest of your life and work your way into a career change after 50.

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