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Do You Know Your Use In Life?
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Do You Know Your Use In Life?

What is your use in life?!

As we watch the Olympics, Miss Universe and Quizmaster’s, do you often wonder what your own ‘use’ in life is? I still don’t know do you?

I'm sorry but I believe as an eighteen year old in 2013 I may be at risk. Most people I know are doing things hard these days and opinions fade to the obvious. We know prices are rising and things are getting tough but I believe if you have strength you can survive an ice age! I was in belief the world was to end in late 2012 but as we observe the earth in still intact.

Hospitality was a key interest as I was exceeding fast in the industry with my knowledge of customer service skills and my worth ethic was praised. I felt anxious when I had to deal with intoxicated people as it reminded me of past events triggering my anxiety and depression. I was an asset to the company but was slowly falling from the rank I had achieved.

I loved my job no doubt. I enjoyed the other fellow employee’s and the regulars to the hotel. I was a favourite and felt proud! I worked my butt off to get where I was! Anxiety put me in an incurable pain I couldn't ignore each day. My abilities of concentrating, maintaining quality conversations and the speed of my work were slowing down.

I know I feel that there may be an opportunity out there I have not claimed and put my effort toward. So many options in life can increase anxiety knowing I may not be eligible for the career choice I have interest in. Hope, determination, dedication and excitement are key factors to a change in career.

At a young age I have many people tell me I have plenty of opportunities and a lifetime to figure it out. I feel I would like to get involved as soon as I can to achieve a high position within my choice. Career choices have widened immensely as well as prerequisites you must have. I know I will find my interest, find my career choice and be happy within a field I enjoy.

So many opportunities are offered each day but I feel they each pass by me so fast I cannot grasp one. The only thing I can do now is continue with my hope and determination to obtain a career that suits me and happily be a part of.

Computers I feel are a major part for the future along with the present as we observe today. IT has always been an interest and I hope to sustain a position within IT studies to prepare me for a career within.

Choosing a career path or even studies can be hard. Advice and or comments from family and friends may peer pressure you into something you may regret once starting. Only you can choose your path. Think carefully but always remember you can change your path. Make sure you choose something you’re interested in or enjoy!

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Hi. Enjoyed your article. Sounds like computers/IT are your thing? There are lots of opportunities and even free online training. I wish you all the best.

  about 8 years ago
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