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How Do You Feel About Noise?
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During the day, I like noise. Certain noises, such as music or a fan, are comforting. They energize me, and they help to increase my productivity. I can then get the household activities, such as cleaning and cooking, out of the way so that I can move on to writing and publishing. Comforting noises also let me know that I am not alone. Knowing that I am not alone puts me at peace. If I feel better inside, I can focus on my work.

One thing that I can do better by having noise is wash dishes. After filling the sink with hot soapy water, I often put a CD in my CD player. I then hit the “Play” button, and I listen as I wash the dishes. I use the music to pace myself. I have listened to my CDs several times, so I know which track is playing. When the next to last song begins, I know that I need to hurry, because the last song is coming up. If I finish the dishes before my CD has come to an end, I feel good. If my CD finishes first, however, I know that I need to be faster. Dishes are not all that I can do better with noise, however.

I also listen to music during my workouts. Music makes my workouts more fun. Rather than thinking about how hard I am breathing, I think about how much I like the song that I am listening to. I can then continue my activity, such as running or Pilates, until the song ends. While I like noise during the day and during certain activities, there are some times when I want quiet instead.

One time when quiet is best is late at night when I am sleeping. I can try to ignore the noise around me, but because I am a light sleeper, I will not be able to sleep. I will then have to wait patiently until the noise finally stops. Then, at last, I can get the sleep that I need. Nighttime is not the only time when I want quiet, however.

Another time when I do not want any noise is if I am taking a test. I have to be able to concentrate on what I am doing, and noise would break my concentration. If I have quiet during the test, on the other hand, I can usually come up with the right answers.

Noise will be welcome in life, as long as it is daytime, I do not need to concentrate, and as long as the noise is not loud or irritating. I can then do good work.

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