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How To Achieve Life Fulfillment And Happiness In Easy Daily Steps
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Any road as long as it might be is made of steps. Step after step leads us to our destination.

Life road is the same. Every day we live we are supposed to make steps which get us closer to different destinations. Destinations are our goals. As long as we have goals, our life road makes a sense. Our concern should be to take care to make steps every day. We shouldn’t let any day pass without making at least one step toward our destination.

Some days we will advance more because we are more powerful, other days we will advance less because we need to breathe a little bit, to fine tune our plans or simply to recharge our batteries. It is ok as long as we keep walking. Either we advance faster or slower, we always get closer to our goals.

Living without goals is a waste of time. We scatter the most precious gift we receive when coming on this planet: our time. Like our life road is made of steps, our lifetime is made of days.

It is only our choice between heading every passing day to a clear destination or wandering without a target. Only man has received this wonderful gift of choosing the way he lives. During all our lifetime we are in search of happiness. In everything we do our expected outcome is to feel good, to be happy. Sometimes we have to do unpleasant tasks, but having in mind the big picture of our final goal, we know that at the end we get a nice reward.

People without goals are usually unhappy. Doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, if they are in a love relationship or single, if they have a lot of friends or are alone, they are not happy.

Living day after day aimlessly makes you feel unfulfilled, something is missing. Life doesn’t make any sense. You may enjoy for a while good meals, love, meeting friends, visiting nice places, but holiday without an end doesn’t bring any reward. It is wandering without target. Happiness is not in all these pleasures.

We have the instinct of searching happiness in everything we do. When we were born we received as gifts our life time, our inner power and the tools – our talents – which make us able to create something valuable. We also were given the discretion regarding our path in life. No one else but we is deciding for what we do with our life. The gift of life time is evident; it runs from the first day of our life. The gifts of inner power and of tools need to be discovered. These are our means which help us find happiness. Happiness is hidden in our goals. That’s why people without goals cannot be happy. They only may enjoy pleasures which go as fast as they come and let them empty.

Finding our life’s purpose and setting goals to fulfill it is the only way towards happiness. Only a life lived with a clear vision and passion leads to happiness. But happiness is not only in achieving the final goal. It is also hidden on the road, in every task we accomplish, in every daily step we make.

Happiness is also inside the feeling of expecting the accomplishment, in every small victory we obtain on the road, in every burden we overpass.

This is the choice we were given the freedom to make in our life:

- to go randomly following the illusion of happiness without ever reaching it or

- to take the map and decide where to go, then follow our destination in making daily steps

It is not difficult to live on goals. Doesn’t matter how big and challenging our goals might be, they are made of small tasks accomplished daily. The only conditions are to be clear regarding our life purpose, to live every day with this picture in mind and to not let one single day pass without making at least one step.

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Great article just one piece of advice, I would recommend having someone proofread your writing before you post, I have employed this with a friend of mine and she always finds things that I miss. To Your Success, Mike

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you, Mike, for your comment and for your advice. English is not my native language and I know I have problems with the writing. I am still learning. Anyway, it is a good idea to ask someone for proofreading. I will do it for sure.

  about 1 decade ago

I suspected that may be the case as it is very well written, its just grammar issues. If you need assistance let me know and I'd be happy to look your articles over. To Your success, Mike

  about 1 decade ago

thank you very much. If you don't mind, I will kindly ask for your help as soon as I will start to write again - probably in the next two weeks

  about 1 decade ago
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