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How To Create And Maintain A Successful Resolution This Year
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How to Create And Maintain A Successful Resolution This Year

The number one problem I see with "claims" of helping millions of people maintain their New Years Resolution is the focus upon...Why People fail! The problem with focusing on failure is it brings more of it into your life. Millions of people sit in front of their computers hoping for and seeking a change in their life, so they click on an articale hoping that it will give them the information/inspiration they need. This is a problem that needs to be resolved.

Instead of giving you five to ten reasons on why people fail, how about I give you five to ten reasons on how people can succeed and how you will succeed as well!

To begin with you must understand that whatever change you want to implement, is a change that YOU WANT! That within itself should cause you to persist in the change, because its a change that will better your life. The next step is to set an resonable goal. If your goal is to lose fifty pounds in five days..... im sorry, but you must be more reasonable in your goals( not to say you can't lose fifty pounds just given the deadline you have given yourself the outcome is not likely... unless you have a genie that is lol). You must remember that whatever you want to change needs to be given the right amout of time and effort in order to do so. eg. If it took you two and half years to put on fifty pounds, you must be willing to put in that much time and effort to take it off.

Now some of you are reading this and getting discouraged. Why?

Do you feel that your too overweight? Answer: No your not!

Do you feel that your too old? Answer: No your not!

Do you feel that your too lazy? Answer: No your not!

My belief is that if you clicked on my articale their was some part of you that was willing to do the work required to better your life.

* It is such a shame that some people are so against doing things that will help them better their lives, not somebody elses, but your own life*

C'mon folks I'm not asking you to do something for me, but for the most important person in your life....THAT'S YOU!

Now on to those five to ten reasons why your life should be as incredible as you want it to be.

1. Your going to feel so much better once you see some progress. A lot of people have their mind fixated upon the goal, and forget about the journey, which is the most fun part! You see the journey is the part in which failure and success is not only dependent, but also where you start to see yourself change which is so important.

2. The health benifits are numerous, from joint pains to kidney failure and everything in between, these afflications can be stopped, by your determination.

3. Your look: Imagine that new body you have always wanted, the physique the curves(or muscles of your dreams) can be a reality.

4. The encouragment you will give to others in your position, There is nothing better than getting help from someone who has been where your at.

5. FOR YOU LADIES LOL! Imagine the jealous looks of your friends as you become a head turner and you can slip into that little dress you love so much( you know the one im talking about ;-D).

6. FOR THE GUYS. Imagine how women will look when they see a well groom, well built fellow. Can you say 2012 New Years Eve kiss?

Okay, Okay I only gave you six reasons, but these six along with proper goal setting and persistence can change your life for the better.

Now, my question to you is.... If you have made it this far in the articale and are still feeling unmotivated, I want you to ask yourself Why?

The last tip I can give is this: no matter how many articales I write or you read, if your not ready to make a serious change then you will be stuck right where you are now. At the end of the day their is nobody you can blame but yourself, whether you succeed or fail.

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