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How To Get What You Want
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How to Get What You Want

There is something that every single person has in common. We all want something. Maybe you want to go shopping for new clothes, maybe you want to be in a relationship with another person, or maybe you want to travel to another country this year. One cannot ever run out of something that is wanted. The problem is how do we get what we want?

Have you ever heard these statements: “Man, I would love to get that car, (Insert want here) but I can't afford it??” Or, “I really want to be in a relationship, but I can't find any good prospects". Regardless of what our want is, generally we all make some type of excuses as to why we can never get that one thing that we want. Below are some great strategies to help stop making excuses and start getting what we want.

Step 1: Figuring out what we want. We must start simple. First, one must ask themselves "What do I want"? If you do not know what you want to do, then how are you supposed to get it? For example, if someone really cannot stand his/her job and WANTS to leave that job, but has no idea what other positions would be suitable, nor knows what they want to do for a job, then most likely that person is going to be stuck not liking that job. Unfortunately, knowing what we want can be a difficult task, especially if you as the reader are experiencing the example listed above. One must take a really hard look at what they want more than anything else. If you do not know, please do not read any further. The other steps will not help. I would strongly suggest taking a personality test on yourself and figuring out your wants before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: Setting goals. Once you have figured out what you want, then it is time to put some goals in place. For example, if you are one of those people that are dissatisfied with working conditions, you would want to set a goal to be happy in the workplace. This could mean changing jobs, looking to get promoted, or looking to be transferred into a different department. The main thing that you want to change is dissatisfaction, which doesn't necessarily mean changing companies. After the goal is set (i.e. "I want to be happy in my workplace") we need to start focusing on the "how to get what we want" phase.

Step 3: Plan your actions! O.k. now at this step we know what we want, and even wrote down that goal. Now What? We need to make steps to put into action so that we can change our dissatisfied condition. I am going to continue the dissatisfied worker example, and create an action plan to the "I want to be happy in my workplace" goal. The first step here is having a definitive reason to why I'm dissatisfied at work in the first place. It could be that I don't like my working hours, I lost interest in the job itself, there is no room for advancement, etc.... Whatever the reason, one must write down why they have a goal in the first place.

Next, we create a step by step action plan that will fix the issue at hand. For example, I would write: Goal: I want to be happy in the workplace. Then, I would write in the line under that: I am dissatisfied at work because I don't like the hours, and they have me to work mandatory overtime. Next sentence structure should be written in numeral steps stating "Ways that I can change this dissatisfaction (1, 2, 3, etc...)". Follow this step, look for resolution. In order to change dissatisfaction, we must first look at ourselves to change in order for our goals to succeed!

Step 4: Time to put those goals to action in a step by step format. At this point, we know what we want, we have our goals set, and we have certain planned actions written out that we need to try to accomplish. Keep in mind that there may be certain steps that may not work. The point is that you at least try all possibilities and see where it leads to. This step is by far the most time-consuming step out of the whole process. For example, on the workplace goal, I'm dissatisfied on my working hours and mandatory overtime hours. Step one of change would be, contact supervisor and discuss the possibility of separate shifts available. Two, Work diligently for the next 90 days, then schedule a meeting with the supervisor and talk about possible promotions within your organization along with a changed, more flexible schedule, etc... The point here is to have a list of goals that could bring out change to that dissatisfaction, and help you become happy at where you work.

It is always best to get what we want by following a ONE STEP AT A TIME format. I realize it is possible to get what we want by skipping steps, but this simply will not be the case for every goal. I would rather have the reader practice things on a continuous, organized plan, than to just randomly have the goal of happiness in the workplace, and just expecting happiness to occur instantly. In fact 64% of workers are currently dissatisfied with work, so if this is you, put a plan into action to change this unhappiness. It might lead to a new job, or a better environment in the job you already have. Whatever the case, I hope this article will help motivate you for positive change.

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