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Is There Something Hidden Behind The Lottery Mentality?
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If we ask people living a miserable life if they think their life can become much better than it is, many of them will answer that it might become if they win the lottery. It is the single way which they consider could bring a radically change in their life.

In general, people living a life without hope are people having a very low self-esteem. They cannot imagine a life much better than those they live at present. They struggle with many things, especially with money and they don’t see any way to turn their life around. Only the illusion of winning someday a big jackpot seems them a possible change of their miserable life for better.

This kind of people is usually victim of different easy-to-get-rich schemes, or of future predictors. They are incapable to see themselves achieving something important in life. They simply don’t trust themselves considering that everything in their life is coming from outside. They take the things as they are and never work to develop their self because they don’t see what for.

This mentality is induced by education, culture, false social values promoted by media. Even people with higher education are blocked in this kind of thinking. They were taught that by learning and working hard they can get a good place in life. When they realize that just obtaining the diploma doesn’t necessary mean to access an abundant life, they fall into the trap of considering that they do not deserve too much in life; chance and wealth are for others more fortunate. They finish by thinking that the fate is against them and resign living a sub-mediocre life.

Days, weeks, years are passing; their entire life is passing in a continuous struggle and hopelessness and they still wait for a miracle to happen.

If, by hazard, a miracle happens and one of them is really winning the lottery, he/she becomes rich overnight and in short time loses all the fortune. They say that if all the money in the world would be divided equally among all people on the planet, in short time it would return back in the initial pockets.

Why’s that?

Because we need to be prepared before we get anything in our life. To become king you should first behave and think as a king. We have first to become and then to receive.

In life we cannot stay and wait for anything. We came here to make a difference, to bring and to share value. We share to others only when we evolve, when we develop ourselves.

Miracles happen when we want them to happen. That’s what these resigned people don’t know. They also don’t know that they are the creators of fate which they consider guilty for their unfulfilled life.

People living for their dream never live in illusion. They dream, intend and expect miracle to happen. It is a big difference between illusion and expectation. Illusion is something we imagine, would like to have but cannot believe it can ever happen. Expectation is also something we imagine and would like to have, but we know that we have it already; we expect it to really come. We know it comes because we are ready for it. We are working daily to prepare ourselves to get it. We know exactly what we will do when it will come and how we will feel having it. And miracles happen.

The universe concurs to help us to achieve our dream. This is the big miracle.

So, we have before us a choice to make: to live either in resignation and complain or to change ourselves and our lives.

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