Life Density
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Life Density

So far everything has been balanced in the Universe and consequently on the Earth.Whatever disaster takes place, the Earth finds its own way to survive by means of dynamic balance. Some species have been extinct and as a result their function in the chain of species has been lost. Mother Earth has been constantly finding a way to replace these extinct species by some others with a similar function and life continues.

There are many different species that vary in their lifespan. I will mention some insects with their lifespan:

- fruit fly lives 1 month

- carpet beetle lives 1 to 2 months

- termite queen lives 30 years

- house fly lives 15 to 25 days

- midge lives a few hours

- mosquito lives 1 to 3 months

All these species have their own role in the ecosystem and they are all very important for the survival of many other live forms on earth. For example mosquitoes have both positive and negative impact on the ecosystem. Larvae of mosquitos live in water and provide food for fish. The larvae themselves eat microscopic organic matter in the water, helping to recycle it. Adult mosquitoes pollinate some flowers when they consume nectar. Negative impacts are well known to all of us as we all know that mosquitoes are carriers of many severe diseases.Still, it is solely a negative impact on humans, in the same time it is a positive impact on bacteria or viruses which in turn when reproduced provide food for other minute organisms. The latter, when reproduced in large numbers provide huge source of food for other larger organisms and so on.

Let's for a moment imagine that we are a single larva of a mosquito. By chance we manage to survive not being eaten by some small fish and somehow we become sexually mature mosquito. We feed on flowers or on blood of some animals or humans. We manage to achieve our negative impact on some animals or humans by carrying some contagious bacteria but biting people or animals is the only way for us to survive. At some point we reproduce, our next generation is enormous and it is likely that a small part of the offspring will survive as well. After a month some frog swallows us.

Should we be happy considering the fact that we have lived only 1 month? Why have not we lived more? I wish I could have lived 12 months, you may say!

Yes, it is better for you if you live longer in a form of a mosquito, but in that case you will reproduce more often and this will result in extremely large population of mosquitoes which will disrupt the balance of life forms on earth. In other words mosquitoes are predetermined by their DNA (even if a mosquito is not eaten by other animal it can live maximum 3 months) or their destiny (a mosquito eaten by a frog after 1 month of life) to live approximately 2 months and their basic role on the ecosystem is reflected by their positive and negative impacts during their lifespan of 2 months. The mosquito has managed to accomplish its main goals to survive his stage as a larva, to feed on animals or flowers, to reproduce and finally to end its life. Its DNA does not allow it to ask for more. For example it cannot read books because it cannot think. It cannot play basketball because it has no brain and muscles to play this game. It cannot build complex facilities because it is not an intelligent creature and so on. The Mother Nature limited mosquito's ability, otherwise it would become dangerous for causing imbalance in the ecosystem. To conclude: a mosquito has two main functions which are to feed itself and to reproduce. All other insects and animals have the same functions, more or less. They are relatively simple organisms and they are driven by their instinct.

Humans are quite a bit different. We are driven by both our instinct and our consciousness. Of course, we sustain ourselves thanks to our instincts; by contrast our consciousness is an essential driving force for our intellectual advance. Every day we invent something new in IT or civil engineering or elsewhere as a result of our intelligence. We persistently compete against each other in order to accomplish better results. We nurse our ego when we are better than others.

It is not rare when we change our profession and engage in some other field just to prove a "competitor" that our will can make us better than him/her even in his/her area of expertise. All these actions result from our ego. We can spend days and nights studying very hard only to surpass our opponent who is created artificially in our mind. After years of hard work we can expect reward to feed our ego. We have succeeded! We are better than others! We began to feel that we can achieve anything!

Fortunately, Mother Nature has some other plans for us on a basis of its fundamental rules. After decades of hard work and sleepless nights taking unnecessary challenges we expend our mind and our body. We can easily feel tired after a short intellectual engagement and even we can seriously damage our health. We expended ourselves even though we had not been aware of these dangerous feats. Then both our body and our mind are tired, faded and capable of nothing. We have reached the top of our capacity at relatively young age.

Very often people take challenges which are beyond their domain or talent which is a big mistake. Our ego imposes its force and makes us undertake unnecessary actions. On the contrary, we should stick to our talents, we should take possibilities instead of challenges, and we should leisurely enjoy doing things, professionally or for fun. In every second that passes we should find pleasure. We should listen to our heart and body what our needs and talents really are. Once we determine what our talent and vocation is we should get down to working. Enjoy developing yourself in your chosen field and never overwork even if you have chosen your right profession in which you enjoy. Depending on our talent or affinity we have limited capacity. Hours spent on a certain activity are limited at any individual. For example, any individual can spend certain number of hours playing basketball, certain numbers of hours having sex, certain number of hours working or studying depending on the talent of the individual. An individual can spend all these hours within a small time span if he strains his/her mind and muscles (this will inevitably result in a health problem) or he/she can stretch the time span and can spend the same hours of activities within the longer time span(this is a reasonable choice). If we choose the latter we actually lower the density of activities and most likely we will have long and prosperous life.

Mosquitoes and other animals have a density of activities which is regulated by their instincts which in turn is established by Mother Nature.

Humans have a density of activities which is regulated by both our instincts and our consciousness. Those activities regulated by our instincts (to feed ourselves, to reproduce and so on) will not result in any health or any other problem. Those regulated by our consciousness can result in a problem only if we allow our ego to be in charge.

Sometimes our ego (if it grows big enough) can spread its influence on our instincts. This results in disorders, such as compulsive eating, sexual impotence and others. Beware of this very dangerous situation.

My definition of life is: Life is marked by a collection of positive and negative activities and memories. There have been many philosophies and movements based on their understanding of life. One particularly interesting was a hippie movement which practiced extremely active way of life and their motto was:" Live fast and die young!". They ventured into using drugs, hallucinating only enjoyable experiences avoiding tough moments that 10%(safe area is the area where we eat, we sleep and so on without engagement in any spiritual activity) of safe area can bring. It is true, they never suffered and they never faced tough moments at the expense of their health. Many of them died young. They chose high density of activities that brought on pleasant feelings at the expense of their health. They could not bear failures and miseries that 10% of safe area can bring.

Our safe area of 10% of life is full of negative and positive events. They are inseparable parts in the course of time. We need to bravely face all of them by taking the first step into the area of 90% where we can make a strong bond with the Universe. By this experience gained into the zone of 90%, safe area will seem so trivial.

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