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Dream Seeker Vs The Villain

Is it ever ok to not believe? To doubt? To Be Unsure? To Not Trust?

Of course it is......But to down other's hopes, aspirations, dreams are not cool.....

We all believe in something, but not always willing to speak on it due to others negativity, degrading comments, unpleasant mannerisms such as unsure or yea right facial expressions, nonchalant tones of voice, and even just the sound of pure slience. People who share their thoughts, goals & dreams with you, love to share their excitement with the ones they consider close.

These dream seekers may eventually feel ridicule if the negativity continues and may rebel to discomfort in fear of their dreams being shot down by a love one. In the worst case scenerio they may just shut down the communication or any further conversations dealing with their future goals, or plans, shutting you out completely. You will then be considered a person they decide not to turn to once they actually do achieve their goals, due to your negativity in the beginning. They may soon not trust you as they once did or share their success with you once accomplished because you didn't believe during the struggle.

All one wants sometimes is an ear to listen to them speak and someone to share their excitement with. They often like for you to share the same excitement level as they do, especially if they're excited and listen to your goals and plans as they arrive.

Dream seekers do not want to feel like they're being dishonest or in fear that if they share with you, you would not believe or simply give off a negative vibe from your reaction. Most often they just want moral support or maybe even some input. They don't want to feel like they are being belittle by a villian in disguise.

So dream seekers you have a rat sheet of having big dreams that never quite fall though or something always seems to happen the day of the big event, show, or trip.

This doesn't make you a bad person or someone who would intentionally cause harm. It just means you have big dreams that are not always planned throughly.

Dream seekers often don't have an issue taking risk because they realize this is the only way to become successful and guide their plans in the right direction. Many times they want to immediately jump to the top without taking the necessary steps to become successful. Please do not mistake this as they do not create great ideas or will never achieve their goals. Believe it or not their dreams have the ability of coming true with a terrific plan, hard work and discipline and guess what THEY WILL NOT share success with a negative villian. Do you want this to happen? Of course not so stop the negativity you villian because the dream seeker just might start to resent you and remember all of your negativity. So STOP the negativity will you!!!!

Note To Dream seekers

STOP Allowing these negative villians to kill your spirits. If they don't believe they don't believe. All that matters is that you believe and willing to work hard for what you believe.

Tips For Avoiding Confrontation With The Negative Villian

1. Stop Talking

This doesn't mean you have to stop talking to them completely. Just don't include them in your endeavor conversations. Especially if you have a rap sheet of dreams you have spoke of in the past that hasn't come true. Speak to them about other topics and save those conversations for someone that's not so cynical. I know this may be hard because you really would like to share with them, but just wait which brings me to tip #2.

2. Wait

Just wait until it becomes reality. This step is even harder when there are steps that you have to achieve in order for your dream to become reality. Which can take days, weeks, months even years, but achieve them first then tell the negative villian. I know you'll eagered to tell them, but wait trust me you'll thank me later.

Just wait until you.........

3. Explode

You finally achieved your ultimate tell the negative villian. Tell them in the most excited tone you can power up, have your proof ready cause you'll going to need it. Show them and pay close attention to their reaction cause this will tell you a lot. If they're just as excited as you are they wanted the best for you from jump and will continue to give you moral support. If they still portray the negative villian persona they were never supportive to begin with. This is what you call a negative villian for real also known as a hater. So take note to never share goals, future plans, dreams because they will attempt to bring you down with all their negativity.

Dream seeker you do not need the negative energy surrounding you. You are trying to achieve things so stay focus and stray away from the negative villian.

There are many dreams people acquire in life.

1. Leaving an abusive partner.

It doesn't matter how long it takes. They need a support system no matter how many times you told them to leave and how many times they promised they would leave. It doesn't even matter if they continue to call you yearning for a ear to listen to them complain, cry, or even come running to your house to hide out. The end result remains the same they left so no need to say I told you.

2. Starting a new business or new career.

So they've been telling you they need a change and that they were thinking about starting a new career, branch out and start a new business, but they never take the necessary steps to move forward. So you the villian just stop listening because you assume they're just talk talk talk and never action.

3. Taking a trip

So what it's been a year and they are still in the same city as you. It starts with a dream, having a passion. That's all it takes at first right. They will take the trip eventually when that passion has sunk in long enough. Give them time they will eventually take that trip around the world when they are ready.

4. Hosting a big party or event.

Maybe the funds are just not quite in place or there, doesn't mean their intentions are not in the right place. Once they have eventually put their funds, ideas & plans together they will host one lavish event.

Whatever their dream may be hey villian you should be supportive.

Here are a few tips to help with your villian ways.

1. Stop Talking Just Listen

Sometimes its just best to listen and sometimes that's all the dream seeker is seeking. Just what the doctor ordered is a simple I hear you or that's a great idea or something of that nature. Be sure to be sincere and ensure your voice doesn't parse a nonchalant tone or they may think you're pulling their chain. Whatever you do don't just remain silent. I know I told you to stop talking just listen, but come on you have to say something or you may upset dream seeker even more.

2. Be supportive

Remember to be supportive after your dream seeker has expressed their dreams. Just pause and think on your reaction response. Always be polite and considerate of their feelings. Depending on rather you thought the idea was bad or good should reflect on how you respond. If you think its a great idea tell them why you thought it was a great idea. Now if you thought it was a terrible idea always begin with something of this nature, "You usually have great ideas, but this one I don't know about." in your most calm and polite voice. Always start off with this and make sure you tell them why you feel the way you feel.

3. Offer Feedback

Immediately after telling them what you thought about the idea offer insights or ask questions on what's their next step in making their dream a reality. Give them your opinion on why you believe each step is needed and explain the importance of implementing a plan. Because if they do not have a plan that they stick to their dream is not going to become reality. Ask them what do they plan to do next and imply they should have a checklist so they can check off goals as they are achieved. Try to explain that they're not going to immediately jump to the top, but if they are willing to work hard its possible. Also ensure them some of the most successful people had plans that they implemented. They stuck with the plan and started from the bottom and eventually worked their way to the top. Ensure your dream seeker understands this and that they will have to do the same.

I hope this helps keep your relationship in tack as your dream seekers seek dreams.

Street Talk

Negative thoughts are the blockage that ruin every dream and aspirations. These gnaw the whole personality and destroy the will to keep on growing. The tips given in this article are very helpful and can really improve someone. No need to get weak, avoid negative thoughts, be optimistic.

  about 8 years ago
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